Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and

to all a fabulous 09!


Fire warning

MLO has never particularly liked spicy food.

It has become an easy way to warn her that she might not like food.

We went to a party and they had some fire pits in their backyard as well as a fire in their fireplace.

We were telling her it was hot and she shouldn't touch it and she immediately said, "oh, the fire is spicy!"

Yes, exactly.


The Car is Hungry

On the way to daycare I get gas sometimes.

I told MLO that the car was hungry and needed some food.

Almost every morning now she asks me if the car is hungry. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

One day on the weekend, hubby, MLO and I were on our way to the market and I told him we needed to get some gas.

MLO pipes up in the backseat: "Yeah daddy, the car is hungry and needs gas. I am hungry and need nuts." Upon which she promptly pops a nut in her mouth.

I love laughing with my little one.


Princess MLO

My daughter is now called "Princess MLO".

She wears all her princess clothes whenever she can until I classify it as very dirty.

She knows almost all the various Disney princess songs and we sing them in the car.

She wants everything we buy her to have Disney princess on them somewhere.

She loves sparkly jewelry because princesses wear them.

She only wears dresses because princesses wear them.

She is a very benevolent princess luckily, she thinks she is supposed to kiss other people's hand and bow to them.

It is just her name that has to include "Princess" in front of it.

Oh and when she isn't a Princess she is "awesome MLO" because daddy told her she was awesome MANY months ago.

She is all of the above and more...


Thanksgiving 2008

It all went very well, we love our house and I am happy to have everyone over. It has some great entertainment features which make it a good choice (and therefore has been the choice) for our family parties.

Last year I cheated on the Turkey and got it pre-cooked so I just had to warm it up.

This year we had a little tighter budget, so I got to do all the hard work. Well sort of, I got to call my mother-in-law and have her come help me so it wasn't too hard. We cooked for 8 people so did a 16 pound bird, which turned out to be just perfect (we were expecting more left-overs).

We got compliments on it being the best Turkey ever, so we must have done ok.

MLO loved sitting at the table and having dinner with all her favorite people in the world. Her favorite was the corn my mother made for a side (I made people bring food so I didn't have to do everything), she had about three helpings of it.

Through-out dinner she kept pointing at people and saying how happy she was they were there. After that she just kept naming who was sitting next to who, over and over again.

In between dinner and dessert she went outside with my brother and they played "soccer" for a little bit. It was hilarious to watch because my brother was tired and very full so he ran sort of funny.

We were all up late talking and MLO didn't want to go to bed, even after everyone was gone she wanted to keep getting and giving hugs.



So it appears to now be the tradition to have Thanksgiving at my house.

This means a lot of cleaning and preparing which seems like a lot of work. However once dinner starts and we all sit around the table and laugh and eat, it does seem worth it.

I meant to do a what am I thankful for post, but in all the big event preparations I didn't get to it.

So, a little late (better late than never) I am thankful for:

My strong and supportive family. They are always there if I need them, they love me no matter what and while we may not always agree, it never reduces our love.

Most especially my husband who is most happy when I am happy and loves making it possible for me to do whatever I want.

And of course, my fabulous daughter whose love and kisses warm my heart. I am so grateful that I have gotten to see her grow into such a smart and intelligent girl and look forward to seeing her continue to expand.

I am thankful that everyone I love is in good health, with any physical problems, currently under control and them feeling good.

I am thankful that both my husband and I continue to be successful so we can provide the best life possible for our daughter.

I am so thankful I have a large group of friends who love to come to my silly parties and invite me to their parties, or even just call on the phone and chat about ridiculous things.

I am grateful for getting to live in the United States which while it might not be perfect, the freedoms we have are something not everyone gets to enjoy.

Thank you!


Quantum of Solace Review

Hubby and I got some time for us and we went and saw Quantum of Solace.

I knew it was being credited as the first real sequel to a James Bond movie, but (to get straight to the part I liked the least) it expected you to remember a lot of details from the previous movie. I could have used a little more reminders on who and what and why.

To just get this over with, the other part I didn't like (and don't like in other movies I have seen) are the rapid, really fast cuts during an action sequence. On my TV it would probably be okay, but on a huge cinema it is too hard to watch. I can't see what is happening and my husband had to ask me how something happened because he missed it.

I don't mind assuming things for movies and adding in what happened in between scenes, I usually follow just find and don't find that hard.

Now, with all that said, Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever (with Sean Connery a very close second). He is totally hot, is a wonderful actor and does the franchise good.

I like that we are really getting to understand James Bond, instead of just the mystery of why he is like he is.

Overall an enjoyable movie - but I hope they just fix my two little points above on the next one.


Bolt Review

Sunday afternoon we went and saw Bolt with MLO. It was her first movie on the big screen and grandma came too as she wanted to see MLO's responses to a big movie.

We warned her about the lights going down and that there were other people around us who wanted to see the movie too.

She talked through the previews and kept asking me what the green screen was (the one that says "preview" in-between the actual previews).

Once the movie started she was pretty entranced, she loved all the animals, cheering for them. Being only three-years-old she didn't get the nuances of the story (that Bolt wasn't really a super-dog). She did yell for Bolt to find Penny and understood that they loved each other.

About 45 minutes into the movie she did want to get up and movie around (considering we usually watch movies at home). But she was enjoying the movie so much she was willing to just stand and swing on the chair in front of her (luckily an empty seat).

I really liked the movie and all the adults were laughing as well, though I admit to being a little distracted with my virgin movie goer.

We are now counting the days until MLO asks for a dog.



Daddy has been working long hours, late at night (and then sleeping in). He is a computer network consultant and he has to work a lot when no one else is at work.

This morning he was on the couch when we came out of her room. When she saw him she yelled "daddy" and ran to sit by him on the couch.

I then couldn't get her to leave him to get ready for daycare or anything.

Hopefully this reminds him that he needs to manage his schedule better so he can be "daddy" more often.



My daughter has learned the words to the following songs:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • and more kiddy ones...

One of my two favorites however are:
  • You are My Sunshine

The best one hands down is:
  • Yellow Submarine

She knows more of the words than I do and it is absolutely hilarious to listen to her sing it, and sing it well!!


He is a he and She is a she

MLO is enjoying saying who is a she and who is he. It is pretty funny but it is VERY funny when she gets it wrong and insists that she is right.

So far we know:
I am a she
Daddy is a he
MLO is a she
Aunt is a she
Uncle is a he
Grandma is a she
Sevta is a she

However grandpa is sometimes a she and sometimes a he. She can't seem to decide which one he is. He loves it and thinks it is really funny and Grandpa takes it all in good stride.

See MLO can't do anything wrong in grandma's eyes it goes very well. Plus she always gets a laugh which she loves to create.


Trick or Treat

It went very well. MLO had a great time and loved running around outside with a bunch of other kids.

Her favorite part was saying the words "trick or treat", of course this was at all times, and never at the right time.

We would be walking in between houses and say "trick or treat" to the air.

She would see a squirrel and ask it "trick or treat?"

Then she would turn around and look at me and smile and say "trick or treat".

Of course, I was carrying her bag and she wanted to carry her flashlight more than the bag. She would forget about it and run up to the door and smile her cute smile while I was still catching up with her bag in my hand.

We went with a bunch of her daycare friends to a place that was packed with kids. The houses really got into it, with their front lawns covered in "scary" stuff.

MLO lasted about five blocks (all around) and when we got home, she happily traded me all the candy she had for a huge stack of stickers I had just for the occasion.


Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.

Lucky for me MLO is insisting on re-using her costume from last year - Arial.

It will be interesting to see how she does. Between the shyness around strangers, but all her daycare friends (we are all going together) around I will have to remember to write down here how it actually goes.


Sleeping Beauty

Ever since I bought the newest version of Sleeping Beauty MLO is in love with it. We watch it all the time, over and over again. I love Sleeping Beauty, well, at least I did.

My little princess, who loves the Disney princesses and will yell out their name whenever she sees any of them. Guess what her favorite part is:

The battle between Prince Philip and the Dragon. She is scared and I have to hold her so the dragon can't get her. However, at the end of the scene she yells, "AGAIN!" If I let it go on to the happy dancing on the part she wants me skip it.

My little princess just loves the action sequences. Take Robin Hood and the fighting (skip the wedding), take Enchanted and the fight with the dragon (skip the happily ever after scenes), take Ariel and the fight with the evil queen (skip the happy dancing and wedding) and on and on.

But she is a princess still.


Go Slow

Many moons ago (after all she is all of three-years-old) my daughter used to love going fast. We went to Mexico for a vacation and she loved how FAST the airplane went and for a time after insisted that everything go fast.

Well she has done a complete reversal and is now insistent on going slow.

Mommy must drive slow, eat slow, wash her hair slow, make dinner slow and even get back to daycare at the end of work slow.

It is so extreme that when I tell her I will come right back or do it really fast, she starts crying and tells me "no, do it slow". She then stops crying when I agree and say I will do it slow.

I was not surprised with the fascination with fast, I had it too and seems like a normal kid thing.

I have to admit, this slow thing has me a little puzzled.


Movie Rating System

My husband and I had a "date night" on Friday and decided to go see a movie. There isn't much out so we went and saw Max Payne which was rated PG-13.

I wasn't that hot on the movie, it was ok, there were some silly points where the story really expected you to make a leap of faith (like when the "stumble" on a new clue of a case three-years-old that must mean none of them were any good at the whole detective thing).

My biggest issue with the movie wasn't the movie, it was the rating. There is no way in h**l (sorry) when my daughter turns 13 will she be allowed to see that type of movie.

The violence was over the top, everyone got shot at least once, there was lots of punching and crazed drug-induced fights.

I would rather my daughter see a little more nudity and a little less violence (or better yet, neither) when she is thirteen.

That movie should have been NC-17 (I would let her see it, if she wanted to, at 17).

I am amazed at how messed up the rating system has gotten, someone needs to take a good look at it and quickly revise it.


My Sister's Birthday

We went to see my sister for her birthday, MLO came along and the whole drive down to see her she couldn't stop talking about seeing her Aunt.

We took her on a dinner cruise and MLO sang her happy birthday several times . Then another several times again and a few several times more until everyone else on the cruise was laughing and shaking their heads.

I got a tour of her campus (she is in college)

We slept on one of her room-mates beds in her little apartment (the room-mate was spending the weekend with her boyfriend). MLO loved her apartment and kept running around it (though it is pretty small).

Even more fortunate is that her apartment was across from a park with huge playground visible from the entrance to her apartment. So, while everyone got to sleep in on Sunday, MLO and I woke up bright and early and played on the playground for hours and hours.

The whole time we were driving home MLO kept saying over and over she want to go back to her Aunt's house. They have always been close and I am so happy that even when MLO goes month's without seeing her she loves her to pieces.


Showers and Boy Parts

MLO has decided she wants to take showers with someone in the morning.

Usually we would get up, I would set her up with some breakfast and then run to the shower. Now, she asks to come along and stands in the corner farthest from the water. She likes to stick individual body parts under the water.

This has made her addversion to baths a little less painful as then she just takes a shower with me in the morning.

One morning she wanted to go with daddy. We thought about it and let her go.

Afterward I asked him how it went and he laughed and said it really well, after the initial question of what was "that". To which he just told her that was what boys had (she has been having fun pointing out who is a girl and who is a boy for a few weeks).

Now I almost told him to wear a swimsuit while in the shower with her, but decided against it. I grew up with everything being very comfortably open and I think this made me very easy to talk about sexual stuff with my parents. I was very open and honest with them about everything.

She hasn't brought it up again and continues to take showers with me in the morning (daddy isn't always taking a shower at that time). She hasn't said anything about it or asked any questions.

Yet I have a little bit of a concern that I should have been more careful.

Oh well, hopefully I haven't scared her for life :)


Tried to Cut Out Naps

So MLO has been refusing to go to bed any earlier than 10pm. Even if I get her in bed, she stays awake until about 10pm.

I thought maybe this meant that it was time to cut out her nap. We have been trying for over a week, but she still doesn't go to sleep until 10pm and she is cranky ALL THE TIME.

Now a cranky three-year-old is not pleasant to be around.

So today I decided to let her sleep in until she woke up. This is the first morning she smiled when she woke up and was back to her usual please asking self.

I told the daycare to make sure she did get her nap and we will just try again maybe when she is closer to 3 1/2.

I like her much better when she is all happy and her sweet self. Oh well.



For my daughter's third birthday and combination potty training success we went to Disneyland.

I haven't been to Disneyland in over fifteen years and let me tell you it is very different when you are a mom with a three-year-old.

Seeing "the castle" that you see in all the movies was originally the big thing for her and she wanted to go in it more than you really can. She loved the Snow White wishing well and sang along with the music.

We did spend most of our time at just a few rides that MLO wanted to go on, over again and again.

Her favorites were the Merry-Go-Round, the Dumbo ride and the Nemo Submarine.

When we were first getting on the Nemo Submarine she kept telling me she didn't want to. She then told me she had told me she didn't want to, over and over. I answered that we would do it quick for me and then we would leave, to which she unhappily agreed.

The beginning of the trip doesn't really have any Nemo stuff in it.

However as soon as we heard Nemo's Dad's voice (to a three-year-old he doesn't get his own name) and then we saw Nemo she screamed enthusiastically at the top of her lungs "NEMO".

Yeah, then it was almost impossible to get her off and she wanted to wait in the 45 min+ line to do it again.

We somehow convinced her otherwise but my goodness.

We also got to have the real and in person Snow White tell us a story.

We of course ended the day with the fabulous fireworks show. This last 4th of July we didn't make it out to see fireworks, so this is really the first time she has truly seen them.

The whole time she was wide-eyed and uhing and ohing. Of course then Tinker Bell flies around the castle and she nearly tried to fly up to meet her.


What you talking about

MLO has gotten very curious about what other people are talking about.

Whenever daddy and I are talking she will suddenly interrupt to ask us what we are talking about. A little annoying sometimes, but for the most part cute and we always answer.

However sometimes she gets tongue tied and this is what is even funnier. Now picture a little three-year-old girl voice trying to ask what we are talking about but can't seem to get it out. It comes out more like:

"What did you just tell dad told, talking daddy told... what just told daddy..." and then laughter because she knows it isn't quite right.


A Tale of Two Cities Review

This last birthday was my 30th and my hubby and I have been talking about going to NY to see a Broadway show as my present (I have never done this).

It turned out that the new show A Tale of Two Cities' opening weekend was the exact weekend we could go. So that was the show.

A little background on me (since this blog has mostly been about my daughter). I started performing in professional theatre when I was about six. I have done a lot of shows in front of the curtain. While going to college to get my degree I first started seriously working behind the curtain, as a stage manager, director's assistance and more and fell in love with that part even more.

My birthday present is usually a large show (like at the Pantages here in LA) and I see smaller shows often through-out the year. So I consider myself more than your average theatre goer.

With that said, I was overall very impressed and loved the show.

There were some interesting decisions, like no curtains over the wing or the back (later when I got a backstage tour I saw why they did that). There was one time that the set changes plus the obviousness of the pieces in the wings was a little distracting (near the end of the first act there was a set piece still leaving the stage and it was a little too obvious as the acting was staged right in front of it).

The costumes were beautiful and Lucie's dresses looked very authentic and well made.

The lighting was absolutely amazing with fabulous spots and colors that helped set the mood.

Overall the acting was likewise fabulous.

The only one who seemed to be fighting a little fatigue was Gregg Edelman (who played Dr. Alexandre Manette). His voice lost some of its power and the lines became a little automatic and just being delivered to get through it.

Natalie Toro usually plays Madame Therese Defarge but we saw her understudy instead Rebecca Robbins, who was amazing (and with such talent as the understudy wish I had gotten to see Natalie too).

There were two people who totally impressed me:

1) Kevin Earley as Ernest Defarge, I felt every emotion and bit of struggle. Fabulous voice that brought me to tears from the stage.

2) James Barbour as Sydney Carton is just a WOW! I felt all of the characters pain and was amazed at how much I was crying for him and with him. Plus that voice, really just melts me.

Overall, if there is anyway I can make it back to NY to see the show again I will be there! I will also be sure to follow James Barbour and look forward to see him in anything.



Wow, I have been neglecting my personal blog.

Life is just going at 100 miles/hour and I haven't had time to even think about a blog post, let along write one.

Everything is going great, my business is booming (part of why I have no time to come here), MLO is growing like a weed and we just got back from a business trip to NY.

Of course, while I was in NY I had to go see a Broadway show (something I have never done before). We saw A Tale of Two Cities, oh my god!!! I am going to do a whole separate post on that show. It was amazing!

This weekend is MLO's birthday and her promised Disneyland trip because she is fully potty-trained.

I joke that other than December, September is our most expensive month (both my birthday and MLOs is in September).

Well, there are some ramblings to at least prove I am still alive and didn't fall of a cliff or anything. Be back again soon (I hope).



Quick note (OMG, so busy): MLO loves birthdays, really, anyone's birthday.

She has been telling me over and over all week that it was my birthday (my birthday was on the 13th and I turned 30).

She loves to sing happy birthday to me, over and over again.

It is really sweet, of course, she is very excited about the fact that it will be her birthday soon too.


Small Update on Why I Will Never Use Celebrate Express Again

I ranted a little bit ago about how poor the customer service is at Celebrate Express.

Just to make it worse so to speak - I never got the invites I asked for. They just never arrived, let alone arrived shipped overnight.

Yeah - if this wasn't basically a blog about kids I would be using some pretty harsh words right now.


Bubbies in the potty

MLo announced she needed to go potty and ran to the bathroom (she is doing it all on her own now).

We heard her yell "there are bubbies in the potty."

We both got worried as we weren't sure what that meant happened.

I ran to the bathroom and remembered we had the cleaning lady come by and take care of the house (thank goodness).

There were bubbies in the potty and she thought it was the funniest thing.



Grandma had MLO for an evening and when I went to go pick her up I got told about the first real joke that MLO told.

They were sitting on MLO's bed and MLO announced she needed to call mommy. This in itself isn't so unusual, she is regularly finding the closest phone and pretending to call her favorite people.

However this time she walked to the edge of the bed and then yelled as loud as she could: "mommy!"

There was a minute of silence and then she shrugged, turned to my mom and said, "I guess she isn't there."



MLO's baby doll has become a permanent attachment for her.

MLO loves to repeat everything I have said about her to the baby. I have heard the baby doll be told:

"You are getting so heavy"

"You are a little monkey"

"Want to go on my shoulders"

The cutest however was when I heard MLO singing the lullaby I usually sing to her for her to go to sleep, to her baby doll.

MLO (and I am sure most three-year-old girls) has the cutest singing voice, and she has a natural ability to sing with the correct pitch and everything.

MLO is also preparing for her little sister as she has told me many times that I am pregnant (I am not yet) and she wants a baby around.


Bambi and Fire

The whole family was watching Bambi for the hundredth-gazillionth time last night (we saw some live dear near our house and I introduced her to Bambi when we got home and she can't get enough).

Near the end of the movie man accidentally sets fire to the forest. We have talked a few times about what this means and she understands how this hurts the animals and such.

The best part was last night while that scene was playing she said:

"Fire is bad." We agree.

"Fire is bad, because it is spicy."

There you have it, fire is just too spicy and so it is bad. Love the world from a three-year-olds eyes!


MLO was sad yesterday

Daddy had to go out to a clients which is over 2 hour drive away so he was gone all day.

MLO kept telling me over and over how sad she was because she missed daddy.

I called him on the phone and she got to talk to him (she took my cell phone and talked for a good chunk of time while I was driving).

She was happy to talk to him, but about half an hour later she missed him again.

All day she kept telling me over how she missed her daddy.

He got home after we went to bed so this morning when he walked out of the bedroom she squealed and ran to him. She gave him several big hugs and insisted on having him play all sorts of games with him.


Never use Celebrate Express aka Birthday Express

The moral of everything I am about to say is don't order from Celebrate Express (also known as Birthday Express, Costume Express and 1st Wishes).

MLO's birthday is coming up (she will be three) and I ordered a bunch of theme stuff from them. I decided to get it all shipped 2 Day because I needed the invites to send out.

Package arrives and it has everything, except the invites and thank you notes are for a VERY different theme (ordered Little Einsteins theme package, got Pokeman invites and thank you notes).

I email them and respond saying they will overnight me the correct ones. I am a little bitter because I paid extra for the shipping, but decide if I get the right ones I will be fine, but probably never use them again.

I get the package today and it is the thank you notes. Well I did want those, but the shipping label says invites and there isn't a single invite present.

Okay, now I am annoyed.

I email again, but since it is almost the end of the business day, I decide to go to the live chat. After I forced the issue they might get me what I want, but come on, shouldn't the customer service be a little bit more about the customer service and not answer me with an "ok ok"?

Following is the chat:

May: Hi, my name is May. How may I help you?
Romie: I have had two successive errors in what I shipped which is causing painful delays
Romie: I ordered and paid for 2 day shipping for my package, got the wrong invitations sent and complained. Said they were sending me the correction overnight and I just got them and they are the thank you notes and not the invtations.
Romie: I should have already passed out invitations and want my shipping cost refunded and the correct invitations sent to me
May: I am sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused. I will be happy to look that up for you. May I please have your order confirmation number?
Romie: The second order was #91305349
Romie: Actually that looks like the first one too
Romie: The correction one says also " [Incident: 080826-000126]"
May: Ok ok
May: I can go ahead and waive your shipping and we will send you a ndw set of invites. Is that ok with you ma'am
Romie: waive the initial shipping on the first stuff sent?
May: ok we can go ahead and to that for your
May: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Romie: Sorry, one of the lines wasn't clear "ok we can go ahead and to that for your"?
Romie: ?
May: We will waive your shipping on your first order and process a resolve order in replacement of the missing invites
Romie: Great! When should I get those invites?
May: after 2 business days
May: that is on 9/3/08
Romie: Ouch. Fine. Not happy, won't use you again...
May: All orders are processed and shipped on business days only.
May: And monday is an official holiday and we do not ship on that day
Romie: Yeah, but this is your mistake, not mine, so now I am being delayed for your mistakes - TWICE. Really not my problem and you should fix it. If it was shipped out today, overnight on Saturday delivery I could get it. That is what I expect after TWO mistakes from your company.
Romie: You should go out of your way to make this right, not make it worse!!
Romie: Still there? Extra note: I hadn't gotten an answer for a good chunk of time and got the impression May was hoping I went away
May: We can go ahead and do that for your ma'am but still we can not guarantee on that
Romie: Fine

So, I am sure there are other places you can buy theme party stuff from (I am about to walk out the door to some stores I know about to see if I can get the right invites now) and I advise you to use someone else.

Update: Put up a small one here, nothing good


What Do You Work At?

MLO asked me today while driving to daycare what I work at?

At first I told her I work at my office.

She asked again.

I had to think about what she was asking and realized she meant what do I do.

I told her.

She says, "Ah, I am going to do that when I get bigger."

She was so serious it made me laugh. I told her she definitely could if she wanted to.


Getting Agreement

My philosophy has always been to make sure MLO understands what is happening and I have her agreement. I have had people comment and ask me why I spend so much time on this and don't just tell her that it is the way it goes sometimes.

My little girl may be just about three years old, but she is a whole person in her own right. She has feeling, views and deserves to have these recognized. Sure it takes me longer to get something done sometimes, but that is part of what I feel comes with the job.

The thing is, it always happens how it needs to happen, she never totally stops or changes the outcome, she always understands, eventually.

I feel that this method has resulted in one of the calmest and easy to talk to three-year-olds I have ever known.

Just had to throw that up here in response to those people who frown at me when I do this or even saying something.


Potty Trained

So Sunday morning we "ran out of diapers". I told MLO the night before when putting her in a diaper to go to sleep that it was the last one, she said ok.

Morning came and we didn't have anymore, so she could wear her panties. We had Ariel panties and she was excited to put them on.

We had two accidents in the morning (by some miracle they were both in the kitchen).

Then right before nap time I told her if she had an accident again she wouldn't get any more panties. She was unhappy and said ok.

She took a nap on a towel with her panties on. She woke up and about ten minutes after being awake yelled at me across the house that she had to go pee.

We ran to the potty and she was successful. We haven't had an accident since!! She even woke up in the middle of the night to go pee (she is wearing a pull-up to bed, though I am calling them her night time panties).

Such a relief! She is potty trained!!


Chutes & Ladders

MLO got introduced to Chutes & Ladders while we were in Tahoe. One of my aunts decide she would have fun with it and went out and bought the board game so they could play (game is for 3+ and she will be 3 the end of September).

They played it one of the times I needed to do some work and needed someone to distract her. So I didn't get to watch her first time, but everyone says she had a great time.

To get her not to try and play with the wheel after it was spun, my sister came up with the idea of everyone throwing their hands up in the air while it is spinning.

She loves slides in real life so having her characters go down the slide makes her giggle, so apparently the entire game was spent laughing.

The best part of it all was MLO actually won (and they weren't letting her).

I know she had a great time, because the board game came home with us and she has made me play it with her several times. We don't get to the end of the game, because it is much funner with more than two players, but she laughs the whole time.


Tubbing in Tahoe

We just got back from almost a full week in Tahoe with my extended family (my grandma, her four daughters, including my mom, and all their spouses and kids).

It was great timing for me, I needed some time away to enjoy myself and really get back up to battery.

We did a lot of activities, including river rafting, jet skiing (my favorite), tubbing/water skiing. We were going to go parasailing too, but the wind kicked up too much so that got cancelled.

MLO LOVED going out on the boat. All my cousins went out and we went tubbing and water skiing (I had never done either before and it was great fun).

MLO sat in the boat with different people holding her secure (depending on who was out) and enjoyed yelling over the edge of the boat "you ok" every time someone wiped out.

The whole time I was out she was yelling to me good job, go mommy, with lots of clapping and cheering. Watching her enjoy watching me was as fun as actually doing the activity.


Daddy saves the day (or night)

Twice now MLO has woken up around 4am and refused to go back to sleep.

Both times daddy has come to my rescue and either played with her, put on a movie so she would fall asleep on the couch or just been the daddy and insisted she is okay sleeping alone in her room (to her) and gotten her back to sleep.

Daddy is my hero!!


It is so easy to fall in love

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child, we were so happy. We love MLO totally and completely and looked forward to the joy of adding more of this love into our lives.

Not much time had passed, but we happily told friends and got many hugs of joy. We started thinking about names, throwing one at each other every now and then.

The weekend before last I started bleeding. I was out of town at BlogHer and so could only call my mid-wife and OB. They both told me that bleeding during pregnancy wasn't too unusual, many women do and eventually stop and everything is fine. Bleeding can start because of intercourse or other strenuous activities and the best thing was to take it easy.

I skipped all the parties at BlogHer, tried to rest as much as possible.

Unfortunately Sunday night I started cramping and bleeding heavily and Monday the doctor sadly informed me I had miscarried.

The baby had only been with me for 2 1/2 months, such a short time, but enough time to fall in love with him.

In some ways I feel funny that I miss this little one so much, being that it was about the size of a jelly bean. In other ways though the baby was already so much a part of my life that of course I would miss it.

I am sure it is nothing compared to some other unfortunate situations that could have happened (I have read stories of still born babies and that would crush me, or even worse, losing a child that had been with you out side the womb).

But it feels perfectly natural to grieve over my lost one. We will be trying again and I will have another baby in my arms, but in the meantime I am mourning my loss a little.


Wait Here

MLO is now getting into the habit of telling me to wait somewhere while she does something.

We go to her room for reading time but forget her juice, "wait here, I go ask daddy for juice".

Daddy is talking on the phone in his office and it is dinner time, "wait here, I go get daddy"

I forget to bring napkins to the dinner table, "wait here, I get napkis".

Wants a different toy to play with, "wait here, I be right back."

That gets repeated a lot too: "I be right back".

Have I really said it that often? Funny how things you say a lot and don't realize it, get repeated back to you by your kids.


Busy, busy, busy

I went to a conference this weekend and left MLO with daddy.

It was a COMPLETE success with a lot of bonding happening. Even when I came home she gave me a big hug and was very happy to see me, but had to make sure daddy wasn't leaving now.

He said that there were constant little things she said and did which were fabulous and so adult, but he didn't write any of them down.

She is an amazing little girl and she is so grown-up. I love that she understood what was happening, behaved like such a big little girl and still has amazing affection to give.

Lots of stuff happening since then, some good, some bad and some just busy :)


Leaving for Conference

I am leaving for a conference today, will be gone until Sunday night.

I explained it all to MLO and she took it VERY well. She is excited to see her grandma, sevta and daddy all weekend long. Daddy is going to take her to Descanso Gardens and ride the train so she is set.

The fact is, she took it so well, I feel sad!!

Wait a minute, isn't this what I wanted, her to be a little more independent of me and able to happily be with others so I could get some time for me!! Now that it happened, I just want to hug her.

She knows mommy is leaving for a few days and it was one of the easiest days to drop her off at daycare, no fuss, no lingering hugs. I was the one still hugging her after she was ready for me to leave.

If I am having this much trouble when she is three, what is in my future!!

I will be apart from my baby for three whole days. I want to go run to the daycare and cuddle some more before I go (but I don't have time).


Turning Heads

Last night MLO was running around the house like a crazy girl. She was laughing hysterically having a great time.

At one point I grabbed her to button up her nightgown (as she had only let me do one button when she put it on).

After I was done, she asked me what I had done and I told her I had buttoned the back of her jammy dress.

She wanted to see it so put her hands on either side of her head and tried to turn her head around so she could see her back.

Hubby and I were rolling with laughter as she kept trying.

She eventually gave up on the head turning thing and tried to swing her clothes around (without taking her arms out of the nightgown).


Potty Training Update

We have now reached the point where she goes pee in the big potty each morning (as long as I get her on the potty right after she wakes up).

She went #2 with grandma last weekend and promptly got very upset for some reason. I can't seem to get her back on for a second try of that, though the daycare was successful of this once.

I just need a weekend with no commitments, and we are going to do the naked baby weekend.

It is funny how when you try to have an empty weekend, it doesn't happen. While most of the time I am bored and have to work hard to find stuff to do.


MLO: "Oh s**t"

So last night, MLO was sitting on grandma's bench swing in her backyard. I was sitting next to her and we were trying to swing.

Grandma said that that you have to shift the swing over (because it is on a hill) to make it swing.

My daughter than says: "Oh sh*t".

Grandma says, "no shift" with a great emphasis on the "f".

My daughter shakes her head and says, "oh sh*t."

I ask her "what" and she repeats it.

I then ask her who says that (hoping she doesn't say mommy, because I admit to not being perfect). Grandma says under her breath but loud enough for me to hear "don't say grandma".

MLO promptly says the name of the daycare lady.

Now, I know this lady personally as a friend outside of the daycare and she doesn't swear much. I am not worried about the influence (but will mention it).

However both grandma and me were happy not to have our names said.


Going to sleep

MLO is currently camping out in her room each night.

She has two stuffed animals that are bigger than her and we lay them on the floor side-by-side.

We throw her large comforter over them and then she curls up on them with her little pink pillow and her tinker bell blanket.

I then sit in the rocking chair and read her a book, after which I turn off the light and rock in the chair while she falls asleep.

Occasionally she wakes up in the middle of the night and I come into the room to help her move to her bed, but more often she sleeps the whole night through on her animal bed.

She also now comes and gets me in my bed when she wakes up. No more of the "mommy" yelling from her bed, she comes gets me, yeah!! Just in time for the change needed for the new baby coming!


Happy 4th of July

We are out having fun this weekend, enjoying all the great freedoms we have that come with being citizens of this great country.

While I don't agree with everything "we" do and I would see many things change. Because of the way in which this country is set up, we do have the opportunities to express our views and push for change. Something that can't be done in many other places around the world.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Regular phrases

Here are a sample of the phrases I hear the most often from MLO. She does have some favorites:

1. I'm going poopy
2. The light is red
3. The light is green (2 and 3 while driving)
4. The tree is going to get me
5. I will keep you safe
6. So happy to see you
7. Sit next to me
8. Where is daddy?
9. Where is my baby?
10. Don't want to wash my hair (though she does, but she never "wants" to)
11. Daddy can play Pocahontas (hubby plays the flute and started playing the main Pocahontas song for her)
12. Can we got outside?

She talks up a storm, but these phrases are said several times a week regularly.


Blow-up Pool

I bought a blow up pool over a year an a half ago.

We never ended up using it until this last weekend. I finally got it blown up (it is the kind with a larger pool and a slide into a smaller shallow pool) by borrowing my brother's compressor.

MLO LOVES it, once she gets okay to climb in, I can't get her to climb out.

The slide just totally makes it for her (she already loves slides) and splashing water all over the place makes her day.

We have all sort of bath toys that have migrated to the pool.

She is having so much fun, even when she slips and dunks her head under the water (something she usually hates) she gets herself up and yells she is okay and keeps playing.

She lets me sit in the chair and read and she talks to the bugs that come by, the leaves that fall in and throws toys from one side of the pool to the other.

For a daughter I thought was just putting up with water because I convinced her there was no way around it, she sure is loving the pool more than I thought.


We spent the entire weekend outside.

In our backyard, we set up a hammock swing, bought a new set of outside furniture and a gazebo to go over them. So, between the pool and slide already set up, we are pretty set up in the backyard.

This meant we were out there all weekend, MLO even fell asleep for her naps in the new outside chairs.

She kept telling me over and over how she loved "my"/her backyard. If we went inside for anything it was brief and she would quickly announce she wanted to go out again.

The house is her house now, the backyard is hers and she shares with mommy or daddy or gives us turns, but it belongs to her.


Neck hugs

This morning MLO woke up at 5am and called out for me.

After letting her call out a few times (to make sure she wasn't dreaming, which has happened) I went to go check on her.

She wanted me to lay down next to her and I obliged.

She then wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled close, whispering "my mommy" and quickly fell asleep.

Love it!!


First Day of School

So here is my first letter to my children so they know how I feel about life no matter what happens. I plan on reading these with them, but if I am prepared for the worst, the worst never comes.

In the course of growing up there will be so many firsts. School is such an important part of life and learning that your father and I will work extra hard to make sure you have all the best opportunities to learn in the best environments.

The first day at any school at any level can be a little scary, but having seen you grow so far, I am not worried about your ability to make new friends. Don't worry about feeling shy or scared, this is a usual feeling and most of the other kids will be feeling that as well.

Each kid will have their own personality of what they are used to from where and how they grew up. Allow them to adjust as is easiest for them if needed and let a teacher know if they ever doing anything that bothers you. No need to make it harder for the other kid who is going through their own scary experience at a new school.

Use the wonderful manners you have magically acquired to get the stuff you need and understand how you need to share.

Work hard to learn and spend the time you have there learning what you will need to understand what is happening in the world around you. It may seem like a long, hard path and it is so much funner to play, but play will always be there too (be sure to play hard all weekend long).

Make sure you always understand what is happening around you, and ask when you don't.

Most importantly, if there is ever anything you can't seem to understand, can't seem to see why someone is doing something that way or behaving in such a manner, ask daddy or whomever is taking care of you. It is definitely part of our/their job to make sure you understand it.

Also remember, I love you and am so proud of you, no matter what.



Yep, if you didn't guess from the title, I am pregnant.

Here comes baby #2.

With MLO I had one day of morning sickness.

So far, many days with this one. Will have to think of a web name (in addition to the real name) for #2.

We are so excited!!

Update: I haven't decided exactly what to do with this post, I may still delete it. But for now I will just say that we lost the baby. I am okay, everything is almost back to normal and we can try again, but still a little painful emotionally at this point


First real tears at a movie

I bought Jungle Book 2 at Costco the other day and last night was the first night we sat down to watch it.

MLO loves the first Jungle Book, we play the music in the car all the time, she has a Bagheera (panther) and Kaa (snake) stuffed animals.

The story is about Mowgli's return to the jungle because he misses it. There is all the fun music, adventures, running from the bad guys and so on.

Of course, near the end, Mowgli has to pick between the jungle and the humans.

He is with Baloo and Baloo tells him to go to the humans but he is very sad.

Suddenly MLO starts bawling and crawls into my lap to bury her face in my shoulder. At first I try to figure out if she hurt herself. I ask what happened and she answers:

"Baloo is sad."

She totally understood what was happening in the movie and felt VERY bad for Baloo. We then had to watch the last scene of the movie several times (where it all gets worked out and Mowgli gets to be part of the best of both worlds) to make sure she could see how happy it turned out.

This is a whole new thing I am going to have to think with now. Is the movie sad (and all movies have some sort of sad moment) and what am I going to have to do to make sure she understands how it turns out okay?

No Lassie in my near future, that is for sure.


Fear of Bath Conquered

I am so happy to official announce that MLO's hatred of baths (as previously reported here) is no more.

She has finally come to accept the idea that her hair is getting washed and we have come to a truce.

She will know put her head back (look at the ceiling) and let mommy put a hand on her forehead to block the water and commence shampooing.

Thank goodness, it is amazing how thrilling the little victories can be.


Explaining to 2-Year-Old: Mommy & Daddy are Leaving for Vacation

This is only the second time I have left MLO overnight without me.

We did it once before, for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I put her to sleep Friday night, and then we drove to Las Vegas for the weekend. I had tried to explain it to her, but she obviously didn't get it as she spent the whole weekend yelling for me (she was 1 year-old and about 9 months).

So this year we wanted to go do it again. Except we wanted a long weekend and two nights out.

My mom actually came up with the best idea, she used MLO's blocks to demonstrate what was happening.

They built our house, they built grandma's house and they built a hotel a little further away.

Then they named blocks: MLO, grandma, mommy and daddy.

She then demonstrated the whole concept and what would happen over the long weekend.

MLO totally understood and while she has asked for us, hasn't made a huge fuss. In fact, she went and got grandma out of mommy's bed in the morning instead of making her come to her room (something I haven't yet gotten her to master).

We had a fabulous weekend, I dropped MLO off at daycare and then we managed to leave in the late afternoon. Lots of walks on the beach, window shopping and the best steak dinner I have ever had (restaurant called White Horses in San Clemente, CA).

We are currently stopped for lunch on our way home, and I will soon get my MLO hugs that I am in major withdrawal from. Iverall I am not as worried about my little girl who is growing up so fast.



This weekend is my 11th Wedding Anniversary.

So hubby and I are leaving MLO with grandma for the weekend and we are going out to a surprise location (my surprise for him).

This will be the first time we have left her with grandma for two nights (we did one night, ONCE before).

I am nervous and will be missing her terribly the whole time I am sure.

But I am looking forward to the relax time.

I explained everything to MLO and she seemed to understand, though not happy about it.

When I went to take her to daycare today, daddy came out to say bye to her before we drove off.

She wouldn't let go of him.

When we finally thought she was okay he kissed her and went back in the house.

As soon as she couldn't see him anymore, she started crying and saying she wanted her daddy.

I promised her we would come back quick and we would see her again and give lots of big hugs.

Her answer: "But I love my daddy".



This is a personal rant, I keep waking up at 3 or 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep.

This is playing havoc on my work, time with my daughter and other things, I am just tired all the time and not sure what to do about it.

No matter what time I go to sleep I still wake up.

No matter where I go to sleep, I still wake up.

This has also made my blog post almost non existent for the past week (between this and trying to work out an allergy for the little one).

I am sure it will get better, just need to get better soon!



I am working on narrowing down what MLO is allergic too. This is taking up a lot of my "free" time recently.

I am keeping a daily food log of EVERYTHING she eats along with symptoms she exhibits.

She doesn't seem to be allergic to the usual (she seems okay on dairy, wheat and nuts). However I found out through talking to my family doctor that the symptoms she is exhibit can also come from food allergies to strawberries, mangos, papaya and more (she loves strawberries).

So, food log is supposed to help me figure it out. Hard work and I wish it was easier...

P.S. Plus, I can't seem to type, especially the difference between me and my - LOL


So Happy To See You

All weekend long MLO kept looking at me and suddenly saying:

"Mommy, you are here, I am so happy to see you."

Several times all weekend long.

Love it!!!!



"Mommy, come sit by me."

I comply because it is Sunday and we aren't doing anything special.

"Daddy, come sit by me too."

He complies for similar reason.

We sit on couch and watch Little Einsteins (again) together.

I get up to go potty (yes I say potty in real life now).

"Mommy, I said SIT DOWN!"

"Mommy needs to go potty."

"No, SIT DOWN. Go potty after movie over."

Oh, yes sir!

Note: I did convince her to let me go potty :)


Just wants to play

Today we were at our local farmer's market and they had all this play stuff set up for kids. MLO just wanted to play around a tree in the dirt and make up her own game. When we tried to get her to move on to something else and she said no, she just wanted to play.

Later she saw someone getting a balloon from a booth, she came up to me and nicely asked if she could have one too. I told her we had to ask the gentleman behind the counter. She then walked up to the counter and said, almost too quiet for anyone to hear, "Can I please have a balloon, please?"

She has started telling me at night when it is time for her to go to bed, or when she is tired.

She watches her show on TV (7 out 10 times it being "The Little Einsteins" on Disney) and then it is my turn.

In all honesty, she does have her days when mommy doesn't get a turn and the only one who matters is her, but they are few and growing further and further apart.

I have been blessed.


My daughter can sing

My mom (who was a professional performer, mainly singer for years) has always told me how great MLO can sing. Of course, I always take it with a little grain of salt as what can you really tell at 2.5 years old.

However grandma took MLO to her friends house (who is a professional opera singer and teaches singing) and she said the same thing. Apparently my daughter has an amazing sense of pitch and rhythm.

I don't know many two year-olds and the apparently the fact that she knows her right from her left is also amazing.

I think she is amazing anyway, but nice to know :)


Opening up

MLO is opening up to people who she is told is a close family friend.

She is still shy (and I appreciate it) around people who aren't introduced as "mommy's friend" but if you say "this is mommy's friend" and then their name, she warms up pretty fast.

Last night grandma took MLO to see a friend (she had a prior commitment) and was surprised at how fast she warmed up.

This is nice as I always felt so bad about how shy she was around friends and that they never got to really play with her.


Best Short Film (in Cannes Film Festival)

Film name: Struck

Director : Taron Lexton
Running Time : 07:00
Year : 2007
Country : U.S.A.
Category : Fiction

On his way to work one day, Joel (Bodhi Elfman) is impaled through the chest by a three-foot arrow. But it doesn't harm him. And it won't come out. So Joel has to learn to deal -- both with his newfound protrusion and his own painful loneliness. He tries to go to work, to date women, but no one seems ready to accept his strange flaw. Little does he know, his life is about to change forever...


When Uncle Comes Over

When MLO's uncle is around she loves telling him every little thing she is doing.

"I am going to go get something, be right back."

"I need to go get a new pull-up" (we have graduated to pull-ups from regular diapers).

"My Thor Kibby is funny"

"Got to give my Thor Kibby a kiss"

"She is laying down" (she being Thor Kibby)

"My shopping cart needs more stuff in it"

"My shopping cart is full, got to empty it"

"I am going to go tell mommy"

"It is my turn to eat my corn"

All the above in a space of about three to four minutes


Keep You Safe

MLO has certain movies she likes, but there are parts which she considers scary.

We have a routine that we snuggle on the couch and I tell her I will keep her safe.

Over the weekend my daughter has started holding my tight and tell me:

"It is okay, I got you."


"I will keep you safe."

She did this while we were out eating dinner in the restaurant. While we were at a friend's house and more.

I love being kept safe by my little girl.


Mother's Day Weekend

Over the weekend MLO and I went up to San Francisco where we meet all the other mother's in my family (my mom, my grandma, all my mom's sisters). We also got to see one of my cousins perform Sandy from Grease in some fun, live & local theatre.

It was a great trip and MLO did fabulously despite all the driving and being in a strange place. We stayed at my Aunt's house in her converted garage (they did a fabulous job with new insulated walls, it doesn't feel like a garage at all).

She warmed up to her extended family very quickly, but especially loved my cousin after watching her sing on stage. It was so great to see MLO enjoy the live theatre so much. So much so that after my cousin would finish a song and everyone was clapping, MLO would yell at the stage cousin's name "sing it again!".

MLO also had a great time playing with my Aunt's two cats - a 10 month old kitten named "Sugar" and a grumpy 6 year old "Oreo".

Overall we all had a great time, however MLO kept mentioning that she wanted to go home. Told me many times she loves her home and misses her daddy.

We arrived back in LA around 10pm Sunday night and MLO had been asleep in the car for two hours. When we pulled into our driveway she started waking up. I said "hi" and she just frowned at me because she was still asleep.

Then I told her, "we're home". She looked up and saw our house and then screamed with her arms in the air "we are home!!!"


Never Be Hungry Again

Last night, on the way home from daycare, MLO and I were listening to our usual Disney CD (I made it, best songs from her favorite movies burned on one CD).

She enjoys the "bad guy" song from Lion King or Scar's song.

Listening to the lyrics he says "Stick with my and you will never go hungry again." I laugh when I hear this because of all the cultural references this has.

For example, Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind saying: "As God as my witness, I'll never go hungry again!"

Unfortunately my daughter will know Lion King as the first place she heard this. I hope she understands they did it because of these other cultural things and she takes the time to find out about these things.

This will be part of my test I feel on how well I raised her, will she understand these things, I hope so.


2.5 going on 20.5

My 2.5 year-old daughter is my first and I am trying hard to do it all "right". We talk about everything, I try to rarely say just "no" to her, always explaining it so she could understand.

She is now very well mannered, but even more important to me, very confident, she answers questions and really knows what she is saying. You can talk to her like any adult and listen to her views and take them into consideration. She seems to understand when I don't agree as well as sees when I do and use what she has said.

We get our tantrums on rare occasion (mostly when she is also tired or hungry) but it is pretty easy to just tell her she doesn't get what she wants with tears and needs to use her words and she does.

She is also very aware of her environment, telling me things are about to happen before I realize it a lot of time (hears daddy's car pull into driveway and suddenly yell "daddy is here").

There are times she acts so much like an adult it is surprising. She is carrying something to the kitchen and drops a part of it, looks at me and says "I will be right back to pick it up." Continue, put her load down, come and get the dropped piece and then take it with the others.


The "zip"

My daughter asked me over the weekend (when trying to open a bag with a zipper): "Where is the zip?"

Zipper being the noun and zip being the verb, but at her age there isn't a difference yet.

Isn't that strange of a word but it is cute and I love it when she sounds so grown-up but is just a little off.



I am trying to decide what classes to start MLO in. My choices:

Swimming - she did a few classes, isn't at the level of swimming yet and I want her to be able to. She is a little afraid of the pool and think if I do a very basic mommy and me class she will be able to.

Dancing - as covered before, she loves Dancing with the Stars, she puts on a "pretty" dress and spins around and around. But dancing breaks down further and I don't know for sure which one is age appropriate: Ballet, Pop, Ballroom or something else.

Gymnastics - she is a total monkey and loves to climb and balance on stuff, think she would have a great time.

I can really only afford one (plus I only have time for one) and can't decide which to do...


When You Wish Upon a Star

I have been singing the song "When You Wish Upon a Star", from Pinocchio, to MLO ever since she was a baby.

It has been the song I sing to get her to go to sleep when she just couldn't get comfortable. It has the wonderful effect of immediately quieting her down and she goes to sleep pretty quickly when I start.

She always listens to me (has requested it a few times) even though I don't really have much of a singing voice.

The other night, we were cuddling on the couch watching a movie. It wasn't time for bed yet but the movie had just ended. She turned to me and started sining the song out of the blue.

I didn't know she knew the words or anything. But she sang the entire song all the way through perfectly, and she sang it better than I do (she actually has an amazing sense of pitch and all the stuff).

I was tearing up at the end and she touched my check and said "what wrong mommy?" I told her it was nothing, I just loved her so much and gave her a big hug she returned.


Be prepared for the worst

I have talked a lot about my daughter here and plan to expand it as my family expands.

I recently read an excerpt for a book "Wear Clean Underwear" by Alexis Martin Neely (she is a friend I made on Twitter), which made me think about what I want to happen with my kid(s) if anything ever happens to both my husband and I.

While the book covers the legal issues very well (more on that later) it also brought up the issue of how you continue to advise your children if somethings happens to you.

I want my children to know how I feel about issues, what would I say to them on their first date, when they are married, when they have kids, etc., if anything happens to me and I can't be there.

So, I will start including notes for my daughter (and future kids) here. Hopefully, I will be able to read the notes with them when the time comes and we can talk, laugh or whatever after reading them.

The scenario Alexis lays out in the book is very real and had me tearing up a few times. I love how she gives the right way and the wrong and what happens in each, knowing that there is a way to keep your family happy no matter what, puts this mother's heart at ease.

I thought I was covered (having named Godparents and created a will) but my eyes were opened to scenarios I need to think about and plan out.

I will definitely be following the book's advice on how to plan this out. My philosophy has always been (and found to be very true) when you plan for the worst, it never happens.


Workout ball

Hubby and I have seriously started working out. We have someone come over and keep us on the straight and narrow.

We got a huge workout ball as part of the routine and MLO totally and completely LOVES that thing.

She loves to sit and bounce on the ball.

She loves to lay on her tommy and be rolled around on it.

She loves to roll it around the house.

She loves to roll it back and forth.

It has proven hours and hours of endless fun whenever I don't put it back before she gets home.

It is amazing how the funniest things become the best toys.


MLO waits up for me

I went to a very interesting conference this week and had to make arrangements for MLO to be driven to and picked up from daycare (due to my timing to drive to and from the conference not matching).

The first day of the conference I got home pretty late (there was some dinner and other stuff happening after which I stayed for the socializing) and MLO had told grandma "mommy is coming home soon, I wait for her."

Apparently this was said several times and MLO refused to go to her room.

I got home to a very tired but very happy to see my little girl, curled up on the couch.

The hugs were fabulous and when she was securely on my lap she turned to grandma and said "see, my mommy always comes home".

That is right baby, always come home.


...and who else...

To get MLO all jazzed to go to daycare I have in the past named out the friends she would get to play with. I would name a few of them and then say "and who else" and then get her to name some.

It would get her all excited to see her friends and make the trip over to the daycare easier (and the drop off).

MLO has become quite the chatter box and she has reversed it on me:

"Mommy, I saw Charlie, Melissa... and who else...?"

I wouldn't say anything and she would start making a "hmmm"ing noise.

"Oh yeah, and Jason and Kristy... and who else...?"

If I still don't say anything she repeats herself just like I would:

"Mommy, who else?"

I would then come up with some names and we would do this the entire drive home.

Now, it is a small daycare with only about 12 kids and the drive home is 20 minutes. So we repeat a lot of names.

It is just cool to me that she has gotten to the point where she controls the conversation and understands so much about what is said around her, plus she makes me smile.



Spent all weekend playing outside with MLO (I got a lot of exercise which was great).

Favorite moment:

I am tired and go to sit down on a rock.

MLO looks around and can't find another rock to sit on so says: "I can sit on the dirt".

I agree.

She starts to sit down, looks where she is about to sit and says: "Oh, it is dirty".


Daddy time

Mommy had to go out for some work things last night (it was more of a party then work, but good excuse to get out).

Got someone to pick up MLO at daycare and daddy made a point to be home and spent some time just him and MLO.

When I came home, daddy was grinning from ear to ear. He told me several times how much fun they had, how much she loved being with him.

They played with her toys, read books together and cuddled while she fell asleep.

Then she woke up and called out for him.

It totally made his day!

They are so cute together.



MLO is refusing to wear pants again.

As soon as she sees a pair in my hands she says "no" and sits on her feet so I can't put them on her.

She has gotten very good at wiggling just right so it is REALLY hard to put them on her when she doesn't want them.

She is also getting faster and faster and good at dodging you when you are trying to grab her.

So, she will only wear a dress (it isn't warm out, though not freezing, just on the edge). We show up at daycare and they look at her and shiver. I bring them pants but each day I go to pick her up, they say MLO refused them.

She likes dresses because then she can twirl around and around and "dance".

I think I am going to start some dancing classes for her soon, I can't wait to see her in a tutu!



This weekend was MLO's first real haircut.

Mommy went first (my hair was half way down my back and I just cut it off to my ears) and MLO sat on my lap while I got my hair washed, cut and blown dry.

She even started a game with my hairdresser of getting the long pieces of hair given to her so she could throw them on the ground.

She also decided it was her job to make sure mommy didn't have any hair resting anywhere on her and would clean me up, following the hairdresser around.

So after she saw mommy do that, it was pretty easy to get her to sit down (on my lap) and get her hair cut too.

She got a great little bob so mommy doesn't have to stress over brushing her hair and fight her to wash it as much and so on.



"Mommy where is the sun?"

"Behind the clouds"


"Because the clouds like playing peek-a-boo"

She laughed.

The "why" questions have started.

Bath Time

MLO has grown to totally hate bath time. She tries to make me promise not to wash her hair (the part that she really hates).

I got her to take a shower with me once and washed her hair that way, but she won't repeat it.

Last night I put her in the bath and then washed her hair as quickly as possible.

She screamed the whole time, but then stayed in the bath and played (which she usually doesn't do after the hair wash).

Will see what happens when I try again tonight.


Daycare drop off

This morning was a painful process of getting MLO dressed, feed and off to daycare.

She didn't want to go, very unhappy about having to leave mommy.

Then we get to the daycare, she makes me carry her in.

We are late, so all the kids are already in the backyard playing.

We step through the door, one of her close friends sees her and yells her name. Then comes running up to MLO with a bowl full of rolly-pollies.

MLO immediately gets interested and tells me to leave so she can go play.



When MLO is done sleeping she is "full".

She wakes up and announces "I am full!"

Full of sleep I guess :)



Hope you had a good easter.

I almost blew the whole thing (having forgotten it was so soon) but think I managed to recover.

Boiled the eggs on Saturday and instead of coloring them, all MLO wanted to do was eat them (she ate three in less than an hour).

Then I ran to "Whole Paycheck" (I mean WholeFoods) and bought a bunch of yogurt covered treats, some bread shaped like a bunny and threw together a basket and made a show of finding it with her.

She loved the treats in it (we don't do much sugar here, so yogurt covered things are a treat) favorite being the raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.

Definitely need to get back in the habit of watching holidays now that I get to enjoy them with her (Easter is definitely a holiday that went to the wayside once I grew up and it was just me and hubby).


Mushy stuff - overcome with love...

I love my daughter SOO much!

I love it when she has been gone for me a long time (out with grandma or something) and when she comes home and sees me for the first time, screams out "mommy" and comes running to me.

I love it that she still wants to cuddle up really, really tight to my chest before going to sleep.

I love it that we can look at each other, one of us will smile and then we both start laughing.

I love it that she is so curious about everything, constantly asking me "what is that" but totally understanding if I say "I don't know, lets go check it out" or "I don't know, we will have to find out later". Both answers being completely acceptable to her (by the way, I do make a point of trying to find out later so we both know).

I love it that I was listing out all the holidays that happen in a year and the one that got the most excited response was her birthday.

I love it that once you tell her someone made something for her, she remembers for a long time and constantly repeats "Grandma made this for me" (or the appropriate person). Even saying it in the same tense to the person who made it for her.

I love that she still corrects people to say that daddy called her "awesome" when you try to tell her she is cute or any other modifier.

I love that she is all mine and I am all hers.



Whenever we are in the car MLO starts yelling:


She did that to grandma when she picked her up from daycare and had to ask me what she meant.

She did it to daddy when he took her to the store.

"Elephants" is a request for the song from Jungle Book with the elephants in it. After which she wants "monkeys" and that is another song from Jungle Book. Then it is repeated. Sometimes we never get to the monkeys, just elephants over and over.

Daddy isn't very into listening to the same song over and over so has been telling her to pick something else after listening to it once.

This was at first not happily received by MLO, who would just repeat herself over and over. Daddy held firm and just kept the music off.

MLO pouted in the back.

This morning she must have changed her mind on how to handle it. Because she asks for her usual, but as soon as I start to protest listening to it again, she said: "then you pick."

I get one song and then she wants to know if she can listen to elephants again.


MLO eats five meals a day and at least two snacks. She ain't plump, she has her baby fat, but she is lean and in great shape.

She loves her vegis eating all the corn, broccoli, asparagus and such that I put on her plate (and asking for more).

Last night I made some corn on the cobb and pot roast, she ate two corns.

Night before I steamed broccoli and chicken (with salsa) - she had two bowls of broccoli.

Night before that was the asparagus and parmesan chicken - again, two bowls of asparagus.

More often than not she eats all of the vegis and never touches the protein (the meat). So I need a Deceptively Delicious cook book for meat and protein, not vegis.


Having a blogging block

You know writer's block, I got blog block. So just wishing everyone Happy St. Patty's day :)

(I stole this image from here)



I got a call yesterday from the daycare in the middle of the day. MLO had been running and fell down, cutting her lip and bitting her tongue. She was okay, bleeding had stopped and she wasn't crying, but the daycare wanted to make sure I knew and see if I wanted to do anything more (like take her to an ER).

I called my doctor and she said that if the bleeding had stopped, there wasn't a huge split or piece missing and she didn't seem to have any problems then we were probably okay.

I told the daycare it was fine and I would come pick her up early.

When I got her she immediately showed me her tongue (as she is loving all the attention it is getting her) which did have two gouges in it from her teeth.

She is having no problems eating, drinking or sucking her thumb so I guess we are okay.

However now everyone gets to see her tongue - whether they want to or not.

"Daddy, come see" tongue goes out.

"Thor kibby, look at my tongue" the cat was not impressed.

Today when going back to daycare she was ready to show everyone the healing progress it had made.


Really funny

I must be evil because I found this REALLY funny (click on the link).


MLO loves to watch and help me cook. I was really not enjoying the sitting on the counter thing, worried she would fall off reaching to far for something. So my brother built two little steps that make it so MLO can see what is happening on the counter and help.

This is great most of the time.

Then there are the times when she goes and starts "cooking" when mommy is in the other room.

I have discovered new meals with the help of MLO. And that I really don't like carrying around a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner all the time.

So far:

  • Salt all over everything (I don't think I have ever mentioned MLO's fascination with salt before, she definitely has one).

  • Water soaked bagel with honey

  • Banana soup

She also loves to stand in front of the sink with the water on. She perpetually fills and drains whatever bowl/cup is closest. It only ends when she spills water down the front of her shirt and starts crying because she is all wet.


New Chair

We bought MLO her own chair, she loves it too pieces, sitting in it all the time.

We got this one - with a little hello kitty on it. The best part being we can take off the cover and wash it (only had it a week and already had to wash it once).

So the coffee table is our new dining room table, with daddy and me on the floor eating dinner with MLO in her chair (how does the kid get to be the only one in the chair and the parents are on the floor?).



Morning, noon and night all weekend long - all MLO wants to eat!!

Breakfast has been bagels still with cream cheese - but made to look like pizza.

A somewhat strange thing though - the other major food I can get her to eat with no problems (arguments, food in other places than on plate and so on): steamed broccoli and asparagus.

Go figure


Happy Leap Day

Just reminding everyone to enjoy the extra day we have today (go do something super fun)!



MLO is a morning person (unlike me) and wakes up when the sun comes up around 6:30. Well daycare doesn't start until 8 and so we end up playing, getting ready together and eating breakfast.

MLO's current favorite food for breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese.

Today she hadn't finished it when it was time to drive to daycare so she took what was left with us in the car.

When we got to the daycare and I went to free unbuckle her from her seat I saw that her pants had cream cheese on them.

I said: "Oh no, the bagel got your pants."

She answered, "No, I got pants on my bagel."



Favorite excuses still around

Revisiting MLO's favorite reason for anything last night.

MLO: "Time to watch a movie..."

Me: "Not right now, mommy cooking dinner."

MLO: "No, now."

Me: "Why now?"

MLO: "Because it is dark outside."

While we do stay inside when it is dark outside, movie watching has never been the norm because of darkness.


My shy little girl

I have found that MLO does appear to be more shy than other kids. I think at this point we are okay, because I definitely don't have to worry about her wondering and talking to strangers. There will be immediately yelling and mommy crying!

However it is a little funny when she does know the people, but still refuses to warm up for awhile.

We went to a party for one of her daycare friends. She plays with this friend everyday of the week. Almost all the kids that were at the party were from the daycare (except two). She could name whose mommy each one was and so on.

Except she wouldn't leave my side and play with her friends.

However, it is fun to play like a little kid at a party though. We did all the kid activities together, while all the other parents just watched.


Song in Head

Going on a trip in our favorite rocket-ship. Zooming through the skies...

5 bonus points for any parent (or non-parent) who could finish the above line - it is on a loop in my head :)


MLO generally does love her daycare. I have recently discovered though the fact that she actually loves the lady who runs the daycare.

This lady, unfortunately, had to run out of town because her father is dieing. She did a very good job of taking care of making sure the daycare will be open. Her usual helper is running things with other hands coming in to be the "helper". It is going to be a short trip (less than a week).

Well MLO totally refuses to let me peacefully leave her at daycare. She won't let go, just cries and hugs. Smiles at her friends playing, but won't go play.

She admitted to me today that she wanted her friend the daycare lady. She kept asking where she was. I explained to her that her daddy was sick and she had to go take care of him, but that was who she wanted.

I feel bad for the regular helper, who is a sweet lady and loves kids, but MLO and her never connected.

Just going to slug this one out too I guess, don't know what else to do.



We seem to have hit a quiet time in the molar drama. She won't let me look or feel recently so I am not sure what happened and am dreading it coming back (please just one night of good sleep before it starts again).

Meanwhile she is TOTALLY spoiled by all the mommy time and thinks she can have me all to herself. Believe me girl, wish I could do it, just need to get daddy bringing in millions of bucks all on his own and I am all over it. Meanwhile, mommy got to work to pay the bills.

MLO keeps telling me how much she loves me or how happy she is around me, just melts my heart. In the car:

MLO: "Mommy, I am happy now!"

"That is great."

MLO: "Is mommy happy too?"


MLO: "Because you are with me?"

"That is right, because we are together mommy is very happy."

MLO: "Me too," big grin.

Yep, melted heart, right there...


2 year molars

MLO has been sick off and on for a little bit now and I have been getting worried. Then a friend (who had four kids, the youngest now 14) said it sounded like her 2 year molars are coming in.

Based on Internet research and advice from a doctor friend, it does appear to be what is happening.

Makes me feel better (she isn't coming down with something that is going to be a mystery for a long time and worry me sick) but it is very tiring.

She also isn't her usual beautiful self - cranky, just wants to sit on my lap or have me carry her everywhere. Doesn't want any visitors from the usual people she loves and so on.

Hang with me while we get through this and then I am sure it will all go back to "normal".


Going back to Day Care after the weekends

Most weekends I spend all my time with MLO. Sometimes hubby and I go out Friday night but the rest of the weekend we do family stuff (or if hubby has to work - girl stuff).

This involves lots of hugs, cuddles and running around. We go shopping, to our local farmer's market, sometimes museums and parks and whatever strikes our (well mostly my) fancy.

This weekend was a quiet one. MLO and I played in our backyard (since it is really sunny here now - sorry for anywhere it isn't) for hours both days. We were there until the sun went down and MLO still didn't want to come inside.

At one point, when we were ready to chill for a few, I sat down in one of the big comfy chairs and read some of my book. MLO alternated between snuggling on my lap and laying down on "her" bench (one of those storage benches were all the toys go). Hubby was with us and he actually fell asleep in the chair next to me.

After a fair amount of resting MLO decided it was time to get up and run around again, which we did.

Well after such a fun weekend with mommy and daddy Monday comes along.

This is now the hardest day of the week, not because of work, but because MLO wants to keep hanging out with us. She doesn't want to go to daycare and play with her friends, she wants to play with mommy and daddy.

So every Monday I envy all you stay-at-home moms who work so hard and "get" (though I know this isn't always a wonderful "get") to be with your kids. I wish I had your courage to brave the storm of taking on all those responsibilities but get the side benefit of not having to tear your little one out of your arm every single Monday.



So a little before New Years (back in September) I started my diet.

I lost 30 pounds since (yeah, me) but have been hoping around that figure for about a month now (boo).

I need to lose more (at least another 20) and will be happy with how I look, but can't break through the plateau I have hit.

Argh - just needed to vent some frustration - thanks :)



MLO is becoming quite the singer. She loves having music from her favorite Disney movies playing and sing along.

We have The Little Mermaid, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast as the current favorites. I am sure if I get my hands on a Jungle Book soundtrack it will quickly be added to the list.

In the car she directs me on what songs to play, what order, which one is next and when a song is just to be repeated.

I am definitely feeling the chauffeur part of the mommy assignment starting full force.

We are also playing an outing to the theatre soon (children's theatre, which I used to perform in and love dearly - so I hope MLO does to so we can go to lots of shows) and I will report on that after it happens.



MLO sucks her thumb. She started shortly after she stopped nursing and I probably could have found a way to prevent it then, but I didn't.

You see, it was so cute with her thumb in her mouth and her index finger hooked around her nose.

We have had interesting discussions about this fact, last night's:

"Mommy, my finger yummy" sticks thumb in mouth.

Me: "Can mommy try?"

"Sure," fans out the fingers of her hand (same one where her thumb is presently in her mouth).

Me: "Yummy" I saw as I nibble on her pinky.

She laughs and says, "but don't eat it".

Tempting, but I will let her keep it for now.


Getting out of the house

My Christmas present from hubby this year was a day at the spa with a bunch of different treatments (specifically at Burke Williams) and I went to cash it in over the weekend.

The trip was great, loved the treatments he picked out for me (Hunter's Retreat was like the most luxurious shower you have ever taken, times 100).

Getting out of the house was a trick, usually MLO and I hang out pretty much all weekend long, even if other people come over, I don't really go anywhere without her.

So when I tried to leave she came running and screaming for me and wouldn't let go of my neck. Tried to reassure her I would be back and she could play with Sevta (Hebrew for grandma - hope I spelled it right - and what we call hubby's mom to distinguish between the two of them), but she wouldn't let go and just cried, burying her face in my neck.

Finally hubby came over and told her, "mommy is going to go get all beautiful and relaxed, so you got to stay and play with me and Sevta and let mommy go."

MLO smiled and looked at me. I told her I would come back and we would have dinner together.

She nodded her head and went to daddy's arms and then pushed me out the door.

I think it is so great that my 2-year-old understand the need for mommy to get "beautiful" and get some relax time.

She is definitely growing up, she now lets me go take a shower while she eats breakfast even.


I am being tested

MLO is testing me, every day, constantly. Trying to see if my rules will soften, if I will let her get away with things she knows she shouldn't do.

She is trying to see if tears can really change mommy's mind.

I keep telling myself to be consistent, to not give in, to make sure she knows rules are rules. I am pretty good, about 95% of the time.

Then every now and then, there are times that I realize how silly a rule sounds at that moment and I cave (like she had been really good all day, wanted me to read two books before bed instead of the usual one and I caved after some pouting and a scrunched up face ready for tears).

Am I setting myself up for tantrums for life? So far I have been raising MLO by my gut, when something feels wrong I don't do it and vice versa. I get so many compliments on her that I must be doing something right.

So hopefully my gut won't start failing me and I will just stick to my 95% efficiency rate :)


Hakuna Matata

I wrote earlier how MLO has gotten to love singing Ariel's main song over and over in the car.

Well she has now moved on to "Hakuna Matata" from Lion King.

I just stick the CD in my car stereo and let it repeat the song over and over. She is still learning all the words to this one, but getting there.

She loves singing these songs so much the CD actually travels into the house with us and gets played on the stereo.

Her favorite shows to watch are things like Dancing with the Stars and currently the Carrie Anne and Bruno war one. She loves to get up and spin around and around.

Think I am going to have to find some dance classes for her soon.



MLO has decided that a bath is no longer a good thing. She doesn't like her hair getting washed and hates the water getting anywhere near her face.

I have recently only been able to get her in the bathtub if I am taking a shower at the same time (and daddy is on hand for watching her). I think, she thinks, that if mommy is in the shower, her hair won't get washed.

Unfortunately she has discovered this not to be the case and her hair still gets done. She screams through the entire process.

I am sort of at the point where she is just going to have to get through this as I have tried washing her hair twenty different ways and none of them have made any difference.

Any suggestions welcome, or similar experiences.



Winners are:
Nat King Cole - HomeandHearth
The Three Tenors - Deborah
John Denver - Earthmama

Update: Giveaway now closed. Will announce winner Sunday or Monday :)

So there is another give-away happening at Rocks in My Dryer and I thought I would play along.

I seem to always be swimming in new CDs (I buy a lot) so they end up being the easiest thing for me to give-away. I have three CDs for you to pick from:

1. Nat King Cole, The Very Best of

2. The Three Tenors, The Best of... The Millennium Collection

3. John Denver, 16 Biggest Hits

How to Win
1. Leave a comment below with which one you would like (please be sure I can reach you)
2. Give-away closes Saturday the 2nd at midnight
3. I will randomly pick winners Sunday, post it and try to contact the winners.


I have my own little Ariel.

Over Christmas I bought MLO the Little Mermaid soundtrack and it became the car CD. Wherever we go, if MLO is in the car, you can be sure Little Mermaid is playing.

MLO has almost learned all the words to Ariel's trademark song (I have learned them all too now) and I need to record her sitting in her car seat, belting out the song.

She fudges the words she doesn't know, but she knows how long the note is held, when to pause, everything.

My little 2.25 year-old Ariel and budding singer.


Why I Love California

I am a California girl (not the classic looking one necessarily - more in spirit).

I grew up in Sacramento and loved visiting the Redwoods (with the oldest trees on Earth) and Yosemite. I stayed in San Francisco for a little bit too. My grandmother lives in Santa Cruz (in the Monterey Bay Area) and we visit there all the time. I now live in an outer suburb of Los Angeles.

I love how we have so much coast line, anywhere you live you can drive to the ocean (it may be a longish drive, but here in California driving for five hours is nothing). But then we also have the mountains and farm land and forests and rivers and wine country and so on.

I heard once that California makes almost everything it needs within the state (except tin or something like that).

While I love to travel and see other places, I would love to explore all of California too. There is so much to see and it is so big that you could spend a lifetime exploring all of it.

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Yosemite with my class. We stayed in those big tent cabins (one of the boys and one for the girls). We got to stay up as late as we wanted and sit around the fire. We climbed trees, mountains and ran until our feet gave out. We learned about the different animals and how to be very still so you could watch a deer eat.

I love my state and will always call it home.