Busy, busy, busy

I went to a conference this weekend and left MLO with daddy.

It was a COMPLETE success with a lot of bonding happening. Even when I came home she gave me a big hug and was very happy to see me, but had to make sure daddy wasn't leaving now.

He said that there were constant little things she said and did which were fabulous and so adult, but he didn't write any of them down.

She is an amazing little girl and she is so grown-up. I love that she understood what was happening, behaved like such a big little girl and still has amazing affection to give.

Lots of stuff happening since then, some good, some bad and some just busy :)

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magickat said...

Yay for MLO! That's great that she was able to be a good girl for her Daddy with you out of town.

Big girl!