Chutes & Ladders

MLO got introduced to Chutes & Ladders while we were in Tahoe. One of my aunts decide she would have fun with it and went out and bought the board game so they could play (game is for 3+ and she will be 3 the end of September).

They played it one of the times I needed to do some work and needed someone to distract her. So I didn't get to watch her first time, but everyone says she had a great time.

To get her not to try and play with the wheel after it was spun, my sister came up with the idea of everyone throwing their hands up in the air while it is spinning.

She loves slides in real life so having her characters go down the slide makes her giggle, so apparently the entire game was spent laughing.

The best part of it all was MLO actually won (and they weren't letting her).

I know she had a great time, because the board game came home with us and she has made me play it with her several times. We don't get to the end of the game, because it is much funner with more than two players, but she laughs the whole time.

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