Been so bad, good mom, bad blogger

I have had a rough few months, my father is pretty ill and we are dealing with the bouncing between hospital and home and his desire not to die in the hospital.

So, all my personal blogging time got taken up in that and I haven't been here.

MLO continues to be amazing and funny. Few things:

1) She shot up over an inch in one month (I measured her at 3 1/2 and checked it one month later after an instance from her grandmother that she grew a lot).

2) She loves babies, she has a special connection with one of my friends little ones, whenever they see each other they break into huge grins.

3) In her bath tonight she said she was pretending to wash another baby she knows hair.

4) She loves calendars and we set up one just for her so she can mark the days and see when she has things (especially parties) coming up.

5) She is in a weekly gymnastics class and wants to go all the time (but we have it on the calendar so she can see what day it will be on).

6) We took her ice skating after watching the world championships on TV. She had a great time and wants to go again. We took my sister as when she was young she wanted to be an ice skater but she grew too tall (she is now 5'11" and that just doesn't work in ice skating).

I am sure there is more and I will try to come back and include, for my own later memories more than anything else.