Thanksgiving 2008

It all went very well, we love our house and I am happy to have everyone over. It has some great entertainment features which make it a good choice (and therefore has been the choice) for our family parties.

Last year I cheated on the Turkey and got it pre-cooked so I just had to warm it up.

This year we had a little tighter budget, so I got to do all the hard work. Well sort of, I got to call my mother-in-law and have her come help me so it wasn't too hard. We cooked for 8 people so did a 16 pound bird, which turned out to be just perfect (we were expecting more left-overs).

We got compliments on it being the best Turkey ever, so we must have done ok.

MLO loved sitting at the table and having dinner with all her favorite people in the world. Her favorite was the corn my mother made for a side (I made people bring food so I didn't have to do everything), she had about three helpings of it.

Through-out dinner she kept pointing at people and saying how happy she was they were there. After that she just kept naming who was sitting next to who, over and over again.

In between dinner and dessert she went outside with my brother and they played "soccer" for a little bit. It was hilarious to watch because my brother was tired and very full so he ran sort of funny.

We were all up late talking and MLO didn't want to go to bed, even after everyone was gone she wanted to keep getting and giving hugs.

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