Bolt Review

Sunday afternoon we went and saw Bolt with MLO. It was her first movie on the big screen and grandma came too as she wanted to see MLO's responses to a big movie.

We warned her about the lights going down and that there were other people around us who wanted to see the movie too.

She talked through the previews and kept asking me what the green screen was (the one that says "preview" in-between the actual previews).

Once the movie started she was pretty entranced, she loved all the animals, cheering for them. Being only three-years-old she didn't get the nuances of the story (that Bolt wasn't really a super-dog). She did yell for Bolt to find Penny and understood that they loved each other.

About 45 minutes into the movie she did want to get up and movie around (considering we usually watch movies at home). But she was enjoying the movie so much she was willing to just stand and swing on the chair in front of her (luckily an empty seat).

I really liked the movie and all the adults were laughing as well, though I admit to being a little distracted with my virgin movie goer.

We are now counting the days until MLO asks for a dog.

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