Getting Agreement

My philosophy has always been to make sure MLO understands what is happening and I have her agreement. I have had people comment and ask me why I spend so much time on this and don't just tell her that it is the way it goes sometimes.

My little girl may be just about three years old, but she is a whole person in her own right. She has feeling, views and deserves to have these recognized. Sure it takes me longer to get something done sometimes, but that is part of what I feel comes with the job.

The thing is, it always happens how it needs to happen, she never totally stops or changes the outcome, she always understands, eventually.

I feel that this method has resulted in one of the calmest and easy to talk to three-year-olds I have ever known.

Just had to throw that up here in response to those people who frown at me when I do this or even saying something.

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