Awesome big sister

Ask my daughter if I can leave the baby (nine months now) playing in her room while I get dressed.

Daughter: "Of course"
Me: "You are an awesome big sister"
Daughter: "Why do you keep saying that?"
Me: "What, that you are an awesome big sister?"
Daughter: "Yes, I already know that"
Me: "So, don't tell you that anymore?"
Daughter: "Right"

She is an awesome big sister BTW.


MLO is a ham

MLO loves to sing - she is very shy otherwise.

For the most part she hides behind me, shakes her head and whispers in my ear as a response to other people's questions.

Then at her graduation this week she had to sing a song, as a solo.

She was fabulous - other parents telling me she was the best performer. She sang loud and clear, you could understand every word, and she was on key and everything (amazing considering I can't sing in key to save my life).

Then her dance/gymnastics class had their end of semester performance, while she was distracted on the dance, she sang along very loud and perfectly.

Then her little brother loves to listen to music, so she sings to him all the time. What a great combination!

We will see where this goes.


New addition

Well we now have little boy in the family.

MLO loves her little brother to death and is constantly giving him hugs and kisses.

So that is my excuse for neglect of this blog - again :(