I got a call yesterday from the daycare in the middle of the day. MLO had been running and fell down, cutting her lip and bitting her tongue. She was okay, bleeding had stopped and she wasn't crying, but the daycare wanted to make sure I knew and see if I wanted to do anything more (like take her to an ER).

I called my doctor and she said that if the bleeding had stopped, there wasn't a huge split or piece missing and she didn't seem to have any problems then we were probably okay.

I told the daycare it was fine and I would come pick her up early.

When I got her she immediately showed me her tongue (as she is loving all the attention it is getting her) which did have two gouges in it from her teeth.

She is having no problems eating, drinking or sucking her thumb so I guess we are okay.

However now everyone gets to see her tongue - whether they want to or not.

"Daddy, come see" tongue goes out.

"Thor kibby, look at my tongue" the cat was not impressed.

Today when going back to daycare she was ready to show everyone the healing progress it had made.

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