Tubbing in Tahoe

We just got back from almost a full week in Tahoe with my extended family (my grandma, her four daughters, including my mom, and all their spouses and kids).

It was great timing for me, I needed some time away to enjoy myself and really get back up to battery.

We did a lot of activities, including river rafting, jet skiing (my favorite), tubbing/water skiing. We were going to go parasailing too, but the wind kicked up too much so that got cancelled.

MLO LOVED going out on the boat. All my cousins went out and we went tubbing and water skiing (I had never done either before and it was great fun).

MLO sat in the boat with different people holding her secure (depending on who was out) and enjoyed yelling over the edge of the boat "you ok" every time someone wiped out.

The whole time I was out she was yelling to me good job, go mommy, with lots of clapping and cheering. Watching her enjoy watching me was as fun as actually doing the activity.

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magickat said...

Yay! MLO rules. I am happy for her that she is able to comprehend games and do well in them! And is a good girl to cheer mommy on while she plays, too!