Leaving for Conference

I am leaving for a conference today, will be gone until Sunday night.

I explained it all to MLO and she took it VERY well. She is excited to see her grandma, sevta and daddy all weekend long. Daddy is going to take her to Descanso Gardens and ride the train so she is set.

The fact is, she took it so well, I feel sad!!

Wait a minute, isn't this what I wanted, her to be a little more independent of me and able to happily be with others so I could get some time for me!! Now that it happened, I just want to hug her.

She knows mommy is leaving for a few days and it was one of the easiest days to drop her off at daycare, no fuss, no lingering hugs. I was the one still hugging her after she was ready for me to leave.

If I am having this much trouble when she is three, what is in my future!!

I will be apart from my baby for three whole days. I want to go run to the daycare and cuddle some more before I go (but I don't have time).

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