Sleeping Beauty

Ever since I bought the newest version of Sleeping Beauty MLO is in love with it. We watch it all the time, over and over again. I love Sleeping Beauty, well, at least I did.

My little princess, who loves the Disney princesses and will yell out their name whenever she sees any of them. Guess what her favorite part is:

The battle between Prince Philip and the Dragon. She is scared and I have to hold her so the dragon can't get her. However, at the end of the scene she yells, "AGAIN!" If I let it go on to the happy dancing on the part she wants me skip it.

My little princess just loves the action sequences. Take Robin Hood and the fighting (skip the wedding), take Enchanted and the fight with the dragon (skip the happily ever after scenes), take Ariel and the fight with the evil queen (skip the happy dancing and wedding) and on and on.

But she is a princess still.

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