Mushy stuff - overcome with love...

I love my daughter SOO much!

I love it when she has been gone for me a long time (out with grandma or something) and when she comes home and sees me for the first time, screams out "mommy" and comes running to me.

I love it that she still wants to cuddle up really, really tight to my chest before going to sleep.

I love it that we can look at each other, one of us will smile and then we both start laughing.

I love it that she is so curious about everything, constantly asking me "what is that" but totally understanding if I say "I don't know, lets go check it out" or "I don't know, we will have to find out later". Both answers being completely acceptable to her (by the way, I do make a point of trying to find out later so we both know).

I love it that I was listing out all the holidays that happen in a year and the one that got the most excited response was her birthday.

I love it that once you tell her someone made something for her, she remembers for a long time and constantly repeats "Grandma made this for me" (or the appropriate person). Even saying it in the same tense to the person who made it for her.

I love that she still corrects people to say that daddy called her "awesome" when you try to tell her she is cute or any other modifier.

I love that she is all mine and I am all hers.

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