A Tale of Two Cities Review

This last birthday was my 30th and my hubby and I have been talking about going to NY to see a Broadway show as my present (I have never done this).

It turned out that the new show A Tale of Two Cities' opening weekend was the exact weekend we could go. So that was the show.

A little background on me (since this blog has mostly been about my daughter). I started performing in professional theatre when I was about six. I have done a lot of shows in front of the curtain. While going to college to get my degree I first started seriously working behind the curtain, as a stage manager, director's assistance and more and fell in love with that part even more.

My birthday present is usually a large show (like at the Pantages here in LA) and I see smaller shows often through-out the year. So I consider myself more than your average theatre goer.

With that said, I was overall very impressed and loved the show.

There were some interesting decisions, like no curtains over the wing or the back (later when I got a backstage tour I saw why they did that). There was one time that the set changes plus the obviousness of the pieces in the wings was a little distracting (near the end of the first act there was a set piece still leaving the stage and it was a little too obvious as the acting was staged right in front of it).

The costumes were beautiful and Lucie's dresses looked very authentic and well made.

The lighting was absolutely amazing with fabulous spots and colors that helped set the mood.

Overall the acting was likewise fabulous.

The only one who seemed to be fighting a little fatigue was Gregg Edelman (who played Dr. Alexandre Manette). His voice lost some of its power and the lines became a little automatic and just being delivered to get through it.

Natalie Toro usually plays Madame Therese Defarge but we saw her understudy instead Rebecca Robbins, who was amazing (and with such talent as the understudy wish I had gotten to see Natalie too).

There were two people who totally impressed me:

1) Kevin Earley as Ernest Defarge, I felt every emotion and bit of struggle. Fabulous voice that brought me to tears from the stage.

2) James Barbour as Sydney Carton is just a WOW! I felt all of the characters pain and was amazed at how much I was crying for him and with him. Plus that voice, really just melts me.

Overall, if there is anyway I can make it back to NY to see the show again I will be there! I will also be sure to follow James Barbour and look forward to see him in anything.

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Reflections on an Epic in the Making said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. Natalie is wonderful in the role, but I bet Rebecca is just as fantastic. Hope you get to see it again soon. Who knows, maybe it will tour to your part of California in the next few years.