Just wants to play

Today we were at our local farmer's market and they had all this play stuff set up for kids. MLO just wanted to play around a tree in the dirt and make up her own game. When we tried to get her to move on to something else and she said no, she just wanted to play.

Later she saw someone getting a balloon from a booth, she came up to me and nicely asked if she could have one too. I told her we had to ask the gentleman behind the counter. She then walked up to the counter and said, almost too quiet for anyone to hear, "Can I please have a balloon, please?"

She has started telling me at night when it is time for her to go to bed, or when she is tired.

She watches her show on TV (7 out 10 times it being "The Little Einsteins" on Disney) and then it is my turn.

In all honesty, she does have her days when mommy doesn't get a turn and the only one who matters is her, but they are few and growing further and further apart.

I have been blessed.

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