Daycare drop off

This morning was a painful process of getting MLO dressed, feed and off to daycare.

She didn't want to go, very unhappy about having to leave mommy.

Then we get to the daycare, she makes me carry her in.

We are late, so all the kids are already in the backyard playing.

We step through the door, one of her close friends sees her and yells her name. Then comes running up to MLO with a bowl full of rolly-pollies.

MLO immediately gets interested and tells me to leave so she can go play.



When MLO is done sleeping she is "full".

She wakes up and announces "I am full!"

Full of sleep I guess :)



Hope you had a good easter.

I almost blew the whole thing (having forgotten it was so soon) but think I managed to recover.

Boiled the eggs on Saturday and instead of coloring them, all MLO wanted to do was eat them (she ate three in less than an hour).

Then I ran to "Whole Paycheck" (I mean WholeFoods) and bought a bunch of yogurt covered treats, some bread shaped like a bunny and threw together a basket and made a show of finding it with her.

She loved the treats in it (we don't do much sugar here, so yogurt covered things are a treat) favorite being the raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.

Definitely need to get back in the habit of watching holidays now that I get to enjoy them with her (Easter is definitely a holiday that went to the wayside once I grew up and it was just me and hubby).


Mushy stuff - overcome with love...

I love my daughter SOO much!

I love it when she has been gone for me a long time (out with grandma or something) and when she comes home and sees me for the first time, screams out "mommy" and comes running to me.

I love it that she still wants to cuddle up really, really tight to my chest before going to sleep.

I love it that we can look at each other, one of us will smile and then we both start laughing.

I love it that she is so curious about everything, constantly asking me "what is that" but totally understanding if I say "I don't know, lets go check it out" or "I don't know, we will have to find out later". Both answers being completely acceptable to her (by the way, I do make a point of trying to find out later so we both know).

I love it that I was listing out all the holidays that happen in a year and the one that got the most excited response was her birthday.

I love it that once you tell her someone made something for her, she remembers for a long time and constantly repeats "Grandma made this for me" (or the appropriate person). Even saying it in the same tense to the person who made it for her.

I love that she still corrects people to say that daddy called her "awesome" when you try to tell her she is cute or any other modifier.

I love that she is all mine and I am all hers.



Whenever we are in the car MLO starts yelling:


She did that to grandma when she picked her up from daycare and had to ask me what she meant.

She did it to daddy when he took her to the store.

"Elephants" is a request for the song from Jungle Book with the elephants in it. After which she wants "monkeys" and that is another song from Jungle Book. Then it is repeated. Sometimes we never get to the monkeys, just elephants over and over.

Daddy isn't very into listening to the same song over and over so has been telling her to pick something else after listening to it once.

This was at first not happily received by MLO, who would just repeat herself over and over. Daddy held firm and just kept the music off.

MLO pouted in the back.

This morning she must have changed her mind on how to handle it. Because she asks for her usual, but as soon as I start to protest listening to it again, she said: "then you pick."

I get one song and then she wants to know if she can listen to elephants again.


MLO eats five meals a day and at least two snacks. She ain't plump, she has her baby fat, but she is lean and in great shape.

She loves her vegis eating all the corn, broccoli, asparagus and such that I put on her plate (and asking for more).

Last night I made some corn on the cobb and pot roast, she ate two corns.

Night before I steamed broccoli and chicken (with salsa) - she had two bowls of broccoli.

Night before that was the asparagus and parmesan chicken - again, two bowls of asparagus.

More often than not she eats all of the vegis and never touches the protein (the meat). So I need a Deceptively Delicious cook book for meat and protein, not vegis.


Having a blogging block

You know writer's block, I got blog block. So just wishing everyone Happy St. Patty's day :)

(I stole this image from here)



I got a call yesterday from the daycare in the middle of the day. MLO had been running and fell down, cutting her lip and bitting her tongue. She was okay, bleeding had stopped and she wasn't crying, but the daycare wanted to make sure I knew and see if I wanted to do anything more (like take her to an ER).

I called my doctor and she said that if the bleeding had stopped, there wasn't a huge split or piece missing and she didn't seem to have any problems then we were probably okay.

I told the daycare it was fine and I would come pick her up early.

When I got her she immediately showed me her tongue (as she is loving all the attention it is getting her) which did have two gouges in it from her teeth.

She is having no problems eating, drinking or sucking her thumb so I guess we are okay.

However now everyone gets to see her tongue - whether they want to or not.

"Daddy, come see" tongue goes out.

"Thor kibby, look at my tongue" the cat was not impressed.

Today when going back to daycare she was ready to show everyone the healing progress it had made.


Really funny

I must be evil because I found this REALLY funny (click on the link).


MLO loves to watch and help me cook. I was really not enjoying the sitting on the counter thing, worried she would fall off reaching to far for something. So my brother built two little steps that make it so MLO can see what is happening on the counter and help.

This is great most of the time.

Then there are the times when she goes and starts "cooking" when mommy is in the other room.

I have discovered new meals with the help of MLO. And that I really don't like carrying around a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner all the time.

So far:

  • Salt all over everything (I don't think I have ever mentioned MLO's fascination with salt before, she definitely has one).

  • Water soaked bagel with honey

  • Banana soup

She also loves to stand in front of the sink with the water on. She perpetually fills and drains whatever bowl/cup is closest. It only ends when she spills water down the front of her shirt and starts crying because she is all wet.


New Chair

We bought MLO her own chair, she loves it too pieces, sitting in it all the time.

We got this one - with a little hello kitty on it. The best part being we can take off the cover and wash it (only had it a week and already had to wash it once).

So the coffee table is our new dining room table, with daddy and me on the floor eating dinner with MLO in her chair (how does the kid get to be the only one in the chair and the parents are on the floor?).



Morning, noon and night all weekend long - all MLO wants to eat!!

Breakfast has been bagels still with cream cheese - but made to look like pizza.

A somewhat strange thing though - the other major food I can get her to eat with no problems (arguments, food in other places than on plate and so on): steamed broccoli and asparagus.

Go figure