First Day of School

So here is my first letter to my children so they know how I feel about life no matter what happens. I plan on reading these with them, but if I am prepared for the worst, the worst never comes.

In the course of growing up there will be so many firsts. School is such an important part of life and learning that your father and I will work extra hard to make sure you have all the best opportunities to learn in the best environments.

The first day at any school at any level can be a little scary, but having seen you grow so far, I am not worried about your ability to make new friends. Don't worry about feeling shy or scared, this is a usual feeling and most of the other kids will be feeling that as well.

Each kid will have their own personality of what they are used to from where and how they grew up. Allow them to adjust as is easiest for them if needed and let a teacher know if they ever doing anything that bothers you. No need to make it harder for the other kid who is going through their own scary experience at a new school.

Use the wonderful manners you have magically acquired to get the stuff you need and understand how you need to share.

Work hard to learn and spend the time you have there learning what you will need to understand what is happening in the world around you. It may seem like a long, hard path and it is so much funner to play, but play will always be there too (be sure to play hard all weekend long).

Make sure you always understand what is happening around you, and ask when you don't.

Most importantly, if there is ever anything you can't seem to understand, can't seem to see why someone is doing something that way or behaving in such a manner, ask daddy or whomever is taking care of you. It is definitely part of our/their job to make sure you understand it.

Also remember, I love you and am so proud of you, no matter what.

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lemonaid said...

I just wanted to cry when I read this entry... remembering my first day of school and then my daughter's and my other daughter's and then my son's. I loved those times so much when I was a mother of young ones. I complained so much about being tired and being the one who so much fell on but it was the best time. Looking back now I realize what I miss most is seeing life through them, as them, with them, for them. Ah, life is good.