National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

National Methamphetamine Awareness Day - November 30, 2006

National Meth Awareness Day 2006

We are facing a world overrun by drugs like meth and we need to do something about it!

More information here:
Drug News on Meth
Articles about Meth


Legalize and not legalize stuff

So I am reading all these articles about legalizing marijuana. Making it so those sick people who need can and anyone can do it as a recreational drug.

A lot of the arguements are that smoking and drinking are legal so why not marijuana. Both smoking and drinking are addictive just like marijuana.

Then you read all the articles about the measures being taken against smoking. In some places you can't even smoke outside (you know those tables the restaurants have outside specifically for those smokers). Slowly but surely, smoking is becoming more and more illegal.

So, while we have the marijuana trying to go to the legal side, we have people trying to take smoking to the illegal side.

For goodness sake, wish society could just agree and then we wouldn't have to shuffle through the news and try to skip all this silly stuff.


Made it through the holiday weekend

Thank goodness that is over.

I love the family and feeling VERY full and all, but my holidays are tiring. Spent time at my mom's helping her put up her christmas decorations. Though she doesn't really have any kids at home anymore (my younger is in college) she insists that we do it. Fun and festive but a little on the tiring side, especially with my little monkey running around :)

Then I get to go home to my own house and do the christmas decorations there. Still have to buy the Christmas tree and decorate that some time in the next week (or next weekend).

I must say the best part was when my mom took the kid and me and hubby got some time together.

That was something special. We went to a restaurant (Gourmet 88 - http://www.lunchspark.com/gourmet-88,burbank,ca - very good food) and got to joke and talk about anything we wanted.

Now, all the Christmas parties are coming up. A bonus for being a consultant, all of your clients invite you to their parties. A lot of free food and all that other stuff. Have many booked with several clients saying the invites are on the way. Going to have to start turning down overlaps or try to spend a few hours here and a few hours there.

Oh well, the price of popularity :)


Day After Thanksgiving

Okay, the day after stuffing myself.

I am absolutely too tired to work today and keep running around in circles. I can't keep myself focused at all.

Last night was a good night sleep though, the whole house, all in one bed, slept like logs (with the little one between us).

I am even too tired to keep writing - so HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!!!


Thanksgiving week has started

You can tell it is the beginning of the major holidays, feels like the whole world is slowing down.

Everyone is driving slower (much to my annoyance) and even shopping slower.

I went grocery shopping today (didn't get to it over the weekend) and not only were the usual old people slow, but even the people my age were slow. The lines were huge and everyone was slowing trying to decide f they wanted the stuffind in the red box or the green.

The good side of it, everyone is much more friendly. The amount of smiles I got and returned in my short trip away from home and office were amazing. I like to smile and have often been told that I smile a lot. So, for me to say that I smiled at people a lot today is saying A LOT!!

So in a way, it is good that the holiday season is now started. It is nice to see the happy side of the world - just ask that they move a little faster about it :)


Computer viruses

Okay, so I was minding my own business, reading forums and articles. I go to see a video and am told my "codec" or something like that is out of date and to click here to update it.

Well - NEVER DO THAT!!!!

I got infected with so many viruses my local nerd said I might have to totally re-install. Luckily I didn't have to and he saved me. He also told me the best anti-virus is Kaspersky and I am now being protected by them.

Note: He said just use their anti-virus, not the whole security thing as that one is, as he said, "annoying".

I have to say that there are some nasty people out there. I mean all I was doing was surfing the Internet and a virtual bomb is left in my lap.

I am now madly backing up my computer which I should have been doing regularly anyway.

Just be aware folks.


Early Christmas shopping

Believe it or not, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.

I either already have the presents in my possession, or have them picked out of the catalogs and am just trying to space out the purchases so I don't overrun my checking account :)

This is the earliest I have ever gotten this done. I even have extras incase I forgot someone!!

Every year for the past several years I have sworn I would get my Christmas shopping done early and ALWAYS ended up at the mall just a little before working out my presents.

Now, thanks to my going totally Internet I actually am almost there.

I probably will end up at the stores in the mall for those last few items I do forget, but man, what a relief to have this done already!!


Sitting on a ball versus a chair

Since I hurt my back on Saturday I have been sitting on one of those large blue balls.

It is much better than a regular chair, my back isn't feeling all crazy on me and I can adjust to the exact right spot that doesn't hurt.

I did a little research on this and found a ball chair which looks really cool and would probably help with the fact that it is hard to get off the ball and such.

The ball is supposed to be better for your back, even when you haven't just hurt it. I recommend everyone give it a try.


Silly bodies

On Saturday morning I was out in the front yard with my daughter and I went to close the gate to the driveway so I wouldn't have to worry about her running out into the street. The gate front wheel had fallen off the rail so I picked it up to put it back on the rail. Something, I might add, I have done many times before.

This time I apparently tore muscles in my back.

I got to spend the rest of my weekend laying down while my daughter looked worried. Luckily friends chipped in and took turns coming over to my place and playing with my daughter, making food and such. My husband was great also, but as he had work to do (that whole independent consultant thing isn't as easy as it sounds), we lined up friends.

Monday morning I am "working" and taking breaks to lie down on the floor and relax my back.

These meat bodies are a lot of work sometimes. They certainly can get in the way of the best laid plans (the weekend plans were shot to h**l). In a case like this, there was really nothing I could do. My back needed the time to heal itself, and that was that.

So, as the title says: "Silly Bodies"...


Purchasing online

I admit to being a little bit of a Internet/catalog shop-aholic.

It is so easy to find EXACTLY what you need by searching for it on the Internet. You can be picky and get the exact right color, size, texture or whatever. And with a little persistance you can find anything.

We just moved into our first house (we are renting) and so I want to get Xmas decorations for it. My goodness, you can almost get lost in the selection.

I ended up buying something from Sears (have a credit card with them) and Walmart. Not very exciting, but after going through all the Christmas speciality sites, they really had exactly what I wanted at good deals.

But there was one very nice garland thing at one of those speciality sites that I haven't decided if I am getting or not.

We got the basic Xmas lights at Costco and so I went from no decorations to a whole bunch without a lot of work or money.

Yes - I love the Internet :)


Drug news

Okay, so one of my clients is a company that helps people get off drugs (a drug rehab advisor) and am reading through news on various drugs.

I am amazed at what an epidemic "legal" drug abuse has become. I already knew that there were some problems with it, but if you start reading the articles, it is a HUGE problem.

I mean I am reading articles about elementary school children getting high off cough syrup! What is even scary are the recent studies which show that those kids who do the "legal" drugs are more likely to go on to hard drugs.

Then you read the stories about things like crystal meth and how addictive it is. There is apparently no such thing as a casual meth user. One use and you are hooked, it is that addictive.

Then the casual users who just keep going along. But then they hit a rough spot in their life (who of us hasn't) and remember how great that casual use felt. It is no longer a casual use now - it is their way of dealing with what is happening in their life.

This is all scary to me as my daughter is going to grow up in this world and it aint pretty. I think I am going to go give my daughter a big hug...


My daughter

I have a 13 month old little girl. She is the light in my day and the joy in my heart.

However, I do need a break every now and then. Sometimes she gets too clingy and just wants me to hold her or play with her and all I want to do is sit down and rest.

Motherhood is hard.

Yesterday she would play for 15 minutes and then decide she needed me there with her. It is okay when she just wants to sit in my lap and play, it is tiring when she wants to walk me around the room (she started walking around 10 months and loves leading me around).

I love it sometimes, and making her laugh and giggle is such a joy.

But yesterday I had a rough time with work, several clients wanting things NOW and I can't do them all at once. So when I was "done" working and "home" I really wanted and needed to relax.

However she wasn't into it. It was mommy time and it was time to play. My husband hasn't totally gotten the idea (though he has gotten much better) that sometimes it is his turn even when he has a rough day too.

But it all ended sweetly. As I was about to take her off to bed, she didn't want just me. She wanted both of us. She started crying (while in my arms) and reached for her father. I brought her back to him and she gave him the sweetest, longest hug she has ever given, sniffling into his neck. Then she wanted a hug from me. Then one more from dad.

Then we had a big group hug which made her smile.

Then she quietly sat in my lap and looked and giggled with him as he gently played with her toes. When she was totally mellow I stood up and took her to her room where she quickly fell asleep.

At that point I felt bad for being tired and remembered:

She is the light in my day and the joy in my heart.


Out of town

Okay, after the rant about work versus family - my husband went out of town for a work consultation.

While it is going to bring in lots of money - I MISS HIM!!!!

So, when he comes back, should I plan something for us or should I expect him to plan something for us?

We could go out to eat or we could just be at home. What is better?

All I really care about is time with him, don't need anything fancy to be with him. Any votes?


Work taking over life

My husband and I run our own consultanting business.

This means we have to do a certain amount of hours to get a certain amount of money in. Well, sometimes I would like a little less money and a little more husband - you know.

Don't get me wrong, love the money and being able to buy the things I want, but there are times when having my husband around would be better.

But then there are those times that I do it myself. We consult on different things and so have a different set of clients that we work with.

I feel bad about complaining about not seeing him when I do it to or he is working to help handle the bills. Of course, he has a different idea of having enough money around than I do. He wants to have MUCH more ahead of any upcoming bills.

So this is a good way to think, I know, but sometimes there is plenty there and he still doesn't think it is enough.

Okay, now I sound like an old maid complaining about my husband, how boring and ungrateful :(


The News

I don't stay up on the news because I hate reading all the bad stuff. Seems like the ones writing the news are specifically hunting for the worst in people and the planet in general.

So I don't watch any news on TV, don't listen to the news and only occasionally glance at headlines on a website.

I did find a few websites that feature good news (for people like me) at:

What I would really like is if these places would offer an RSS, then I would add it to my RSS and could read all about good stuff. Brighten up my day and help me to remember there is some good in this world.

They offer email subscriptions - but this is going the way of the dinosaur. I already get way too much email to want to get more from these guys. In email format, I just wouldn't read it. Not enough time and it would get deleted.

So for those who might read this someday (since it is new, I am sure no one reads it, yet) can the good guys set up an RSS. That would make me and probably others happy :)


In memory of my dog

Okay, sweet and sappy time (don't worry won't always be like this):


As I snuck around the trunk of my oak, the rough bark scraping my back and the twigs wetly giving way to my steps, I could see him.

The drops on the grass winked at me as I passed. My rusty swing-set creaked in the wind, the cracked swings swaying to and fro. The crooked and wet slide daring me to try it, telling me one is never too old for a slide.

I watched as the vines on the fence fought to conquer the top and climb down the other side. A blue bird swung down to rest on the top and sing its song of encouragement for the vine's labors.

My Samoyed, Merlin, barked out as I grew near, pawing at the bottom of his dog run door, hoping I would open it. As the latch lifted he happily ran in a circle and then lunged for me before there was even room to fit his large body through.

The dog run, full of overturned earth and many a buried bone, contained his bowls of water and food which needed filling.

His high-pitched barks and wet tongue greeted me. When I bent over to lift his bowl, he playfully nuzzled the back of my legs and I grabbed the fence to keep from visiting his fresh dug dirt.

I turned, he barked and took a slow step back, I lunged for him and he yelped and ran.

Mud flew as he ran, panting, his large tongue sticking out. My clothes were cold and slippery and his white fur had become brown. We tussled and tumbled in the wet grass, gentle nips here and there.

The wind began to howl loudly again and Merlin stopped his play. He stood still while my wet hands grabbed him to help myself up. His eyes studied the yard and even the blue bird flew away under his gaze. We sloshed our way back to his dog run and I grabbed his bowls.

As I filled them, the rain sprinkled down again. Merlin howled softly and crept into his dog house; I placed the bowls inside and he licked my hand.

He stretched his neck as I scratched it. "We will play again, when the rain stops," I promised. He nodded as if he understood and placed his muzzle between his paws.

His dark eyes followed as the gate squeaked shut and the latch clicked into place. The rain began to clean off the mud from my clothes as I walked to the house. Merlin howled as I closed the backdoor and the sounds of the storm quieted.