Trick or Treat

It went very well. MLO had a great time and loved running around outside with a bunch of other kids.

Her favorite part was saying the words "trick or treat", of course this was at all times, and never at the right time.

We would be walking in between houses and say "trick or treat" to the air.

She would see a squirrel and ask it "trick or treat?"

Then she would turn around and look at me and smile and say "trick or treat".

Of course, I was carrying her bag and she wanted to carry her flashlight more than the bag. She would forget about it and run up to the door and smile her cute smile while I was still catching up with her bag in my hand.

We went with a bunch of her daycare friends to a place that was packed with kids. The houses really got into it, with their front lawns covered in "scary" stuff.

MLO lasted about five blocks (all around) and when we got home, she happily traded me all the candy she had for a huge stack of stickers I had just for the occasion.

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