When You Wish Upon a Star

I have been singing the song "When You Wish Upon a Star", from Pinocchio, to MLO ever since she was a baby.

It has been the song I sing to get her to go to sleep when she just couldn't get comfortable. It has the wonderful effect of immediately quieting her down and she goes to sleep pretty quickly when I start.

She always listens to me (has requested it a few times) even though I don't really have much of a singing voice.

The other night, we were cuddling on the couch watching a movie. It wasn't time for bed yet but the movie had just ended. She turned to me and started sining the song out of the blue.

I didn't know she knew the words or anything. But she sang the entire song all the way through perfectly, and she sang it better than I do (she actually has an amazing sense of pitch and all the stuff).

I was tearing up at the end and she touched my check and said "what wrong mommy?" I told her it was nothing, I just loved her so much and gave her a big hug she returned.

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magickat said...

I just caught up with all the latest on your little doll. I am tickled that she knows all the words to her special song and sings them perfectly in tune. That is so special.

And I wish I had a home trainer. That would kick ASS!