Tried to Cut Out Naps

So MLO has been refusing to go to bed any earlier than 10pm. Even if I get her in bed, she stays awake until about 10pm.

I thought maybe this meant that it was time to cut out her nap. We have been trying for over a week, but she still doesn't go to sleep until 10pm and she is cranky ALL THE TIME.

Now a cranky three-year-old is not pleasant to be around.

So today I decided to let her sleep in until she woke up. This is the first morning she smiled when she woke up and was back to her usual please asking self.

I told the daycare to make sure she did get her nap and we will just try again maybe when she is closer to 3 1/2.

I like her much better when she is all happy and her sweet self. Oh well.

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