The "mommy factor"

So last night MLO, myself, my mom and an old family friend went out to dinner.

We went to a place that my mom had taken MLO once when she was watching her. She claimed MLO had been a perfect angel the entire time they were there - sat in her seat and ate lots of food.

Well, tonight she wasn't a perfect angel. Not that she went all out and screamed and cried. But she had to get out of the chair and sit in my lap. She really wanted to walk around the restaurant say "hi" to the other people there (something she loves to do, especially when she gets smiles back).

My mom (grandma) was confused as to why, in the same place as before, MLO would act so different.

Well, it would be the "mommy factor".

I have decided that MLO has a computation she does in her head as to how she is going to behave. The "mommy factor" is an important part of this computation.

When mommy is around, this means a little more adventure, a little more motion, a little more excitement. When mommy isn't around, well she is a pleasant little girl out for an evening with the grown ups.

I haven't decide whether to be honored or annoyed.


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