First real tears at a movie

I bought Jungle Book 2 at Costco the other day and last night was the first night we sat down to watch it.

MLO loves the first Jungle Book, we play the music in the car all the time, she has a Bagheera (panther) and Kaa (snake) stuffed animals.

The story is about Mowgli's return to the jungle because he misses it. There is all the fun music, adventures, running from the bad guys and so on.

Of course, near the end, Mowgli has to pick between the jungle and the humans.

He is with Baloo and Baloo tells him to go to the humans but he is very sad.

Suddenly MLO starts bawling and crawls into my lap to bury her face in my shoulder. At first I try to figure out if she hurt herself. I ask what happened and she answers:

"Baloo is sad."

She totally understood what was happening in the movie and felt VERY bad for Baloo. We then had to watch the last scene of the movie several times (where it all gets worked out and Mowgli gets to be part of the best of both worlds) to make sure she could see how happy it turned out.

This is a whole new thing I am going to have to think with now. Is the movie sad (and all movies have some sort of sad moment) and what am I going to have to do to make sure she understands how it turns out okay?

No Lassie in my near future, that is for sure.

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