Interesting title, no :)

Has been a world-wind couple of weeks, that is for sure. So sorry I haven't been by here more often, but these last few months of the year are just crazy.

On top of it, we went to Mexico for a week. I think I should have my husband and I committed for that. Not that we didn't have fun, we did, but now I need a vacation from my vacation.

We went snorkeling but MLO hadn't gotten her nap yet and so was a little cranky. When she is like that, all she wants is mommy, which meant I got to float on the ocean on my side, MLO perched on the hip and in the water with me, and me dunking my head every now and then to see under the water. It was quite a sight, I assure you.

We went to some Mayan ruins which were fascinating, but all MLO really wanted to do was run up them so that was a little short lived.

We went to Xcaret which was great, like a zoo, with dolphins and turtles and such. MLO LOVED that one, didn't want to leave even though it was closing.

I got to go to the spa one morning and get a 50 minute massage (my first ever) which was awesome!! Hubby took MLO and she was apparently a perfect angel.

We definitely fought a battle (and lost) with the bugs, hubby is still soaking his legs at night because of all the bites.

Then we get home and it is my sister's birthday and my pops. Plus we got Halloween and I think you get the idea...


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kat said...

Glad to read that you had a vacation. And a massage. They are amazing, aren't they?

I can't wait to hear about what MLO will be for Halloween!