I am trying to decide what classes to start MLO in. My choices:

Swimming - she did a few classes, isn't at the level of swimming yet and I want her to be able to. She is a little afraid of the pool and think if I do a very basic mommy and me class she will be able to.

Dancing - as covered before, she loves Dancing with the Stars, she puts on a "pretty" dress and spins around and around. But dancing breaks down further and I don't know for sure which one is age appropriate: Ballet, Pop, Ballroom or something else.

Gymnastics - she is a total monkey and loves to climb and balance on stuff, think she would have a great time.

I can really only afford one (plus I only have time for one) and can't decide which to do...


magickat said...

I am coming here about a week after this post. Curious what you chose. I know you probably think my hope is that you chose dancing but I really hope you chose swimming. It's best to nip that fear of water in the very beginning and to have true water confidence and the easiest way to do that is to start as young as possible before fears can begin to sink in (as a former lifeguard this is something I take pretty serious).

Jake said...

Separate from time and money, it's value to her, as we talked about this week. Kids need free time. Activities are great, so long as they don't take over their lives. An "activity" IS figuring out for themselves how to entertain themselves!

OK, rant over now :)