Mother's Day Weekend

Over the weekend MLO and I went up to San Francisco where we meet all the other mother's in my family (my mom, my grandma, all my mom's sisters). We also got to see one of my cousins perform Sandy from Grease in some fun, live & local theatre.

It was a great trip and MLO did fabulously despite all the driving and being in a strange place. We stayed at my Aunt's house in her converted garage (they did a fabulous job with new insulated walls, it doesn't feel like a garage at all).

She warmed up to her extended family very quickly, but especially loved my cousin after watching her sing on stage. It was so great to see MLO enjoy the live theatre so much. So much so that after my cousin would finish a song and everyone was clapping, MLO would yell at the stage cousin's name "sing it again!".

MLO also had a great time playing with my Aunt's two cats - a 10 month old kitten named "Sugar" and a grumpy 6 year old "Oreo".

Overall we all had a great time, however MLO kept mentioning that she wanted to go home. Told me many times she loves her home and misses her daddy.

We arrived back in LA around 10pm Sunday night and MLO had been asleep in the car for two hours. When we pulled into our driveway she started waking up. I said "hi" and she just frowned at me because she was still asleep.

Then I told her, "we're home". She looked up and saw our house and then screamed with her arms in the air "we are home!!!"

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MLO: Future Theater Star.