We seem to have hit a quiet time in the molar drama. She won't let me look or feel recently so I am not sure what happened and am dreading it coming back (please just one night of good sleep before it starts again).

Meanwhile she is TOTALLY spoiled by all the mommy time and thinks she can have me all to herself. Believe me girl, wish I could do it, just need to get daddy bringing in millions of bucks all on his own and I am all over it. Meanwhile, mommy got to work to pay the bills.

MLO keeps telling me how much she loves me or how happy she is around me, just melts my heart. In the car:

MLO: "Mommy, I am happy now!"

"That is great."

MLO: "Is mommy happy too?"


MLO: "Because you are with me?"

"That is right, because we are together mommy is very happy."

MLO: "Me too," big grin.

Yep, melted heart, right there...

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