Blow-up Pool

I bought a blow up pool over a year an a half ago.

We never ended up using it until this last weekend. I finally got it blown up (it is the kind with a larger pool and a slide into a smaller shallow pool) by borrowing my brother's compressor.

MLO LOVES it, once she gets okay to climb in, I can't get her to climb out.

The slide just totally makes it for her (she already loves slides) and splashing water all over the place makes her day.

We have all sort of bath toys that have migrated to the pool.

She is having so much fun, even when she slips and dunks her head under the water (something she usually hates) she gets herself up and yells she is okay and keeps playing.

She lets me sit in the chair and read and she talks to the bugs that come by, the leaves that fall in and throws toys from one side of the pool to the other.

For a daughter I thought was just putting up with water because I convinced her there was no way around it, she sure is loving the pool more than I thought.

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