Why I Love California

I am a California girl (not the classic looking one necessarily - more in spirit).

I grew up in Sacramento and loved visiting the Redwoods (with the oldest trees on Earth) and Yosemite. I stayed in San Francisco for a little bit too. My grandmother lives in Santa Cruz (in the Monterey Bay Area) and we visit there all the time. I now live in an outer suburb of Los Angeles.

I love how we have so much coast line, anywhere you live you can drive to the ocean (it may be a longish drive, but here in California driving for five hours is nothing). But then we also have the mountains and farm land and forests and rivers and wine country and so on.

I heard once that California makes almost everything it needs within the state (except tin or something like that).

While I love to travel and see other places, I would love to explore all of California too. There is so much to see and it is so big that you could spend a lifetime exploring all of it.

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Yosemite with my class. We stayed in those big tent cabins (one of the boys and one for the girls). We got to stay up as late as we wanted and sit around the fire. We climbed trees, mountains and ran until our feet gave out. We learned about the different animals and how to be very still so you could watch a deer eat.

I love my state and will always call it home.


Lora Lynn said...

Thanks, Romie! I can use this!

kat said...

Yay - great post! I love California, too. I have visited a few times. My favorite places are both San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Love doing the drive from one to the other. Love all of your wonderful trees and gorgeous ocean borders.

I love New York for the same reasons. We have the biggest city in America but then only 5 or 6 hours away we have nothing but farmland and cows or untouched wooded area and deer. Great variety, much to enjoy.

kailani said...

It's so great that you love your childhood home. I think it makes a big difference in life.

Christine said...

You and I are Valentine's swap partners! I'm a California girl, too!! In fact, I live just minutes from Sacramento. Next time you're up this way we'll have to get together!
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