Showers and Boy Parts

MLO has decided she wants to take showers with someone in the morning.

Usually we would get up, I would set her up with some breakfast and then run to the shower. Now, she asks to come along and stands in the corner farthest from the water. She likes to stick individual body parts under the water.

This has made her addversion to baths a little less painful as then she just takes a shower with me in the morning.

One morning she wanted to go with daddy. We thought about it and let her go.

Afterward I asked him how it went and he laughed and said it really well, after the initial question of what was "that". To which he just told her that was what boys had (she has been having fun pointing out who is a girl and who is a boy for a few weeks).

Now I almost told him to wear a swimsuit while in the shower with her, but decided against it. I grew up with everything being very comfortably open and I think this made me very easy to talk about sexual stuff with my parents. I was very open and honest with them about everything.

She hasn't brought it up again and continues to take showers with me in the morning (daddy isn't always taking a shower at that time). She hasn't said anything about it or asked any questions.

Yet I have a little bit of a concern that I should have been more careful.

Oh well, hopefully I haven't scared her for life :)

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