Whenever we are in the car MLO starts yelling:


She did that to grandma when she picked her up from daycare and had to ask me what she meant.

She did it to daddy when he took her to the store.

"Elephants" is a request for the song from Jungle Book with the elephants in it. After which she wants "monkeys" and that is another song from Jungle Book. Then it is repeated. Sometimes we never get to the monkeys, just elephants over and over.

Daddy isn't very into listening to the same song over and over so has been telling her to pick something else after listening to it once.

This was at first not happily received by MLO, who would just repeat herself over and over. Daddy held firm and just kept the music off.

MLO pouted in the back.

This morning she must have changed her mind on how to handle it. Because she asks for her usual, but as soon as I start to protest listening to it again, she said: "then you pick."

I get one song and then she wants to know if she can listen to elephants again.

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