Getting used to the ocean

Well the cutest point of the trip was when MLO got used to the ocean again.

We have taken her several times before, but at this age if you let something go too far between then they forget.

So her Aunt and I spent a lot of time with her, slowly getting her used to it. At first just me and MLO went down to the water (because everyone else was still sleeping, sleeping in an all) and sat on the beach and watched the waves. She decided the foam looked like bubbles and would exclaim over the bubbles. This lasted about an hour.

A little later that day her Aunt went out and chased the waves. MLO thought it looked like fun and started chasing and being chased by the waves. This lasted about half an hour.

Then her Aunt and one of her great aunts took her out and started jumping the waves (The front of the wave being the scariest part). After about a half an hour of that, she couldn't be kept out of the water.

She would grab anyone willing or go it on her own and start jumping waves and splashing.

We went to a boardwalk and every time she saw steps down to the beach and ocean, she made a run for it. Hubby ended up going down with her and they splashed in the ocean while I got to rest. The both came back very wet (with no swimsuits or towels on us) but very happy.

Since being back, every time she sees a picture or the ocean is on TV she yells out "ocean" and runs towards it.

Being that we live in LA, I think we will be making some more trips down there.

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kailani said...

That's great that you have access to the beach. It's so great that she enjoys it!