Bambi and Fire

The whole family was watching Bambi for the hundredth-gazillionth time last night (we saw some live dear near our house and I introduced her to Bambi when we got home and she can't get enough).

Near the end of the movie man accidentally sets fire to the forest. We have talked a few times about what this means and she understands how this hurts the animals and such.

The best part was last night while that scene was playing she said:

"Fire is bad." We agree.

"Fire is bad, because it is spicy."

There you have it, fire is just too spicy and so it is bad. Love the world from a three-year-olds eyes!

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Kathie said...

I remember our children watching Bambi for a trillion times! All five of them lined up on the couch, saying the lines right along with the characters.