Tonight we go tricker treating

Tonight will by MLO's first time really tricker/treating. She went last year when she was just over one year old, but we only hit like four houses and it was easy to take the candy away and replace it with something else.

That hits my exact dilemma.

Up until now hubby and I have been very careful not to give MLO much sugar. Her birthday cake was sweetened with honey, we do healthy deserts and so on.

Tonight she will have a bag full of sugar and I am not sure what to do with it. I thought about buying some toys and trading her the candy for the toys or something similar.

Guess I will report in tomorrow and let you know what I do and how it goes (suggestions welcome)...

My one year anni

Today is my blog's one year anniversary, strange that I started it on Halloween - don't even now how that happened.

I thought I would share the reason I blog (since I have seen that on other people's anniversary posts).

The main reason is to have a running record of my child(ren)'s life. I want to remember the important and fun things and then someday give it to them to read if they want. I tried hard copy traditional journals and it just wouldn't stay in. I would forget, or not be able to find it. For some reason a blog on the Internet has been much easier to keep.

Plus, I have got to make some new friends and join a community on-line that is fun and supportive when needed.

While I don't particularly write this blog to get readers, this is always a nice benefit and it is fun to have people read what you wrote and contribute.



MLO's vocabulary seems to grow daily. She comes home from daycare with new words and phrases all the time.

Something her grandma pointed out to me is she has figured out the difference between "mine" and "yours". She will point to something that belongs to me and say, "that is yours" and I will acknowledge her and tell her, "that is right, it is mine." She nods her head as if she just taught me something.

So this rapid increase in vocabulary also means watching the words we use around the house. I would not call myself a huge swearer, but it does come out every now and then. For the most part I have applied the philosophy of trying not to use them, but if it does happen, don't make a big deal.

I was cooking dinner last night, with MLO perched on my hip (having a child definitely increases your multi-tasking abilities). I spilled something and mumbled "s**t".

MLO still happily watching what I am doing.

Hubby says, "be careful what you say."

I ask him what he is talking about, you see I mumbled it and hadn't even realized I used a bad word.

MLO "might pick up on your words."

I realize what he is talking about and tell him I don't think she even noticed.

At that exact moment MLO goes "oh s**t" and I get a raised eyebrow from hubby.


Addiction to YouTube

I think I am forming an addiction to YouTube. Keep finding stuff that fits me perfectly at that exact moment. Then I want to share.

Here is another one:


Precious Moment

A previous moment I wanted to go on forever, so I will just go for remembering it forever.

MLO woke up at 7am and called out for me. I came in the room and she told me to lay down in her bed with her. I obliged.

We laid side-by-side and she smiled and said "hi". I returned the "hi".

She started sucking her thumb and played with my hair for a few minutes. Then she started brushing hair off my face with her little hand. When it was all clear I said "thank you". She smile and said "you welcome".

We laid in bed for a few more minutes and just smiled at each other.

Heaven on earth...


Halloween Costume Picking Time

So, it is time to decide for sure what MLO is going to be for Halloween (we have had rumblings up until now).

I have been collecting those costume catalogs and figured we could go through them and I would see what got the biggest reaction.

We did and I started tearing out the ones she liked, Nemo (of course), One of the Teletubbies, a butterfly, Arial, Tinker Bell, and about a half a dozen more.

Then I put them all out in front of MLO and the hands down winner (in that she picked up the paper and walked around with it the rest of the night, not even looking at the other ones) was: Arial.

So, now to find an Arial costume that will fit and not break the bank :)

Video will make you laugh


Chasing the kibby

I just found an old notebook I tried to turn into a journal of things MLO did. It never really worked and then I lost the journal (this blog works so much better).

One note says in August of 06 we were at Gramma's house and MLO wanted to play with the cat.

The cat, Minerva, was sitting on an upside-down plastic bin, MLO waddled over to the bin and tried to pet Minerva. She promptly jumped down and started to walk away, so MLO started pushing the bin after her and followed her around the room.

Poor Minerva was very confused, but MLO had the silliest grin on her face as she followed the cat with the bin.


Zoo and Great Grandma (Nana)

This weekend MLO's Great Grandma (Nana) was in town (Nana is 80 years old and in the best shape of anyone I have ever seen at that age - good genes). Being that MLO is her only great grandchild as of yet, I am the oldest grandchild and the only one married, she tries to come see her every three months or so.

We decided we were going to go to the Zoo and look at the animals, when MLO found out she was very excited.

It had rained the previous night, so some of the exhibits were closed or not really very fun to be around (the petting zoo was closed because of the mud). But MLO insisted on running around on her own and exclaimed over the animals she saw.

When we try to ask her what her favorite was it goes something like this: "...Zebra.... Elephant.... no Giraffe... more Monkeys!" Lets just say she loved them all.

The best part was that she kept running for Nana (who up until now, she had always been shy around). We would be walking along, holding my hand and then she would suddenly let go and yell, "Get Nana!!" and go running towards her.

Nana was very happy with the day.



This morning MLO woke up at 6:45, got out of bed and tried to open her door (I keep it closed because our cat doesn't know how to stay quiet through-out the night and ends up waking her up).

When she couldn't get the door open she called out for me, which woke me up and I came to help.

She wanted to cuddle on the couch for about ten minutes, eyes open, looking around, but nestled into me and playing with my hair.

Then she heard daddy in his office (who hadn't gone to sleep at all yet) and happily exclaimed, "daddy" and ran to him. She then happily sat on his lap or near him for about half an hour while he finished up work. They read a book together and then she realized she was getting hungry.

She called me in and we agreed on cereal.

Fifteen minutes of breakfast with Sesame Street watching and then she was ready to go to the daycare.

We were the first to arrive and we looked at some of the frog figurines together and then she happily went into our daycare lady's arms, pushing me out the door.

I love these kind of mornings.


My little angel

So now that MLO is two years old, we get asked a lot about having another one.

I have always wanted two kids and even gone up to three (though never higher than that) but I am worried about one thing:

I have been completely spoiled by MLO.

She is an angel, everyone who has ever watched her said so, her nannies, the lady who runs the current daycare. I can tell MLO anything and she understands, "no" with an explanation is almost always complied with.

Example, this morning I was running late (with a new big client expecting a 9am planning meeting) and MLO wanted to go to the store (see earlier post). I explained to her that I needed to take her straight to daycare because mommy had a meeting, she said "ok" and was the fastest at pushing me out of the daycare door ever.

She has got sick maybe twice in two years. She wasn't colicky or anything when a real little baby (since she is SO grown up now).

I have heard stories that when you have such a perfect child as your first, the second ones aren't nearly as good. I am sure I would be able to rise to the challenge, but why spoil a good thing?


TV Shows

I have set up my DVR to record all the shows I want to see whenever there is a new episode.

Doing this, there are always shows waiting for me to watch. I haven't figured out how to keep up with them.

You see this doesn't just include the usual, like Heroes and Grey's Anatomy but other strange ones like Doctor Who and Torchwood on the BBC station, and Jake 2.0 and such on Sci Fi.

With work and the little one insisting that I lay in bed with her until she falls asleep (and thus I fall asleep too most of the time). I have almost no TV watching time.

Do most working mom's give up on TV or do they find ways to squeeze it in (between 3-5 am maybe)?


Potty Training

Just a quick note, we recently purchased a Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool so MLO could climb up to the big toilet, thinking this might introduce her to the potty better.

Well Saturday morning, MLO told me she needed to go potty (she has said so before and nothing happened). We got her properly undressed, she climbed up her stairs and she went pee-pee.

A mother's joy :)


Interesting title, no :)

Has been a world-wind couple of weeks, that is for sure. So sorry I haven't been by here more often, but these last few months of the year are just crazy.

On top of it, we went to Mexico for a week. I think I should have my husband and I committed for that. Not that we didn't have fun, we did, but now I need a vacation from my vacation.

We went snorkeling but MLO hadn't gotten her nap yet and so was a little cranky. When she is like that, all she wants is mommy, which meant I got to float on the ocean on my side, MLO perched on the hip and in the water with me, and me dunking my head every now and then to see under the water. It was quite a sight, I assure you.

We went to some Mayan ruins which were fascinating, but all MLO really wanted to do was run up them so that was a little short lived.

We went to Xcaret which was great, like a zoo, with dolphins and turtles and such. MLO LOVED that one, didn't want to leave even though it was closing.

I got to go to the spa one morning and get a 50 minute massage (my first ever) which was awesome!! Hubby took MLO and she was apparently a perfect angel.

We definitely fought a battle (and lost) with the bugs, hubby is still soaking his legs at night because of all the bites.

Then we get home and it is my sister's birthday and my pops. Plus we got Halloween and I think you get the idea...


Because I can't resist good giveaways, especially when they are for a good cause, go check this one out.


Just got back

We just got back from a trip to Mexico. Went to Playa Del Carmen which is one hour south of Cancun.

It was great and we had lots of fun.

Must catch up on things, but will come back soon to tell you all about it :)