MLO loves to watch and help me cook. I was really not enjoying the sitting on the counter thing, worried she would fall off reaching to far for something. So my brother built two little steps that make it so MLO can see what is happening on the counter and help.

This is great most of the time.

Then there are the times when she goes and starts "cooking" when mommy is in the other room.

I have discovered new meals with the help of MLO. And that I really don't like carrying around a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner all the time.

So far:

  • Salt all over everything (I don't think I have ever mentioned MLO's fascination with salt before, she definitely has one).

  • Water soaked bagel with honey

  • Banana soup

She also loves to stand in front of the sink with the water on. She perpetually fills and drains whatever bowl/cup is closest. It only ends when she spills water down the front of her shirt and starts crying because she is all wet.

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kat said...

MmMMMm... banana soup!!! That sounds.. um.. uh... eh... that sounds really gross.