Quantum of Solace Review

Hubby and I got some time for us and we went and saw Quantum of Solace.

I knew it was being credited as the first real sequel to a James Bond movie, but (to get straight to the part I liked the least) it expected you to remember a lot of details from the previous movie. I could have used a little more reminders on who and what and why.

To just get this over with, the other part I didn't like (and don't like in other movies I have seen) are the rapid, really fast cuts during an action sequence. On my TV it would probably be okay, but on a huge cinema it is too hard to watch. I can't see what is happening and my husband had to ask me how something happened because he missed it.

I don't mind assuming things for movies and adding in what happened in between scenes, I usually follow just find and don't find that hard.

Now, with all that said, Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever (with Sean Connery a very close second). He is totally hot, is a wonderful actor and does the franchise good.

I like that we are really getting to understand James Bond, instead of just the mystery of why he is like he is.

Overall an enjoyable movie - but I hope they just fix my two little points above on the next one.

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