Movie Rating System

My husband and I had a "date night" on Friday and decided to go see a movie. There isn't much out so we went and saw Max Payne which was rated PG-13.

I wasn't that hot on the movie, it was ok, there were some silly points where the story really expected you to make a leap of faith (like when the "stumble" on a new clue of a case three-years-old that must mean none of them were any good at the whole detective thing).

My biggest issue with the movie wasn't the movie, it was the rating. There is no way in h**l (sorry) when my daughter turns 13 will she be allowed to see that type of movie.

The violence was over the top, everyone got shot at least once, there was lots of punching and crazed drug-induced fights.

I would rather my daughter see a little more nudity and a little less violence (or better yet, neither) when she is thirteen.

That movie should have been NC-17 (I would let her see it, if she wanted to, at 17).

I am amazed at how messed up the rating system has gotten, someone needs to take a good look at it and quickly revise it.

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