What you talking about

MLO has gotten very curious about what other people are talking about.

Whenever daddy and I are talking she will suddenly interrupt to ask us what we are talking about. A little annoying sometimes, but for the most part cute and we always answer.

However sometimes she gets tongue tied and this is what is even funnier. Now picture a little three-year-old girl voice trying to ask what we are talking about but can't seem to get it out. It comes out more like:

"What did you just tell dad told, talking daddy told... what just told daddy..." and then laughter because she knows it isn't quite right.


A Tale of Two Cities Review

This last birthday was my 30th and my hubby and I have been talking about going to NY to see a Broadway show as my present (I have never done this).

It turned out that the new show A Tale of Two Cities' opening weekend was the exact weekend we could go. So that was the show.

A little background on me (since this blog has mostly been about my daughter). I started performing in professional theatre when I was about six. I have done a lot of shows in front of the curtain. While going to college to get my degree I first started seriously working behind the curtain, as a stage manager, director's assistance and more and fell in love with that part even more.

My birthday present is usually a large show (like at the Pantages here in LA) and I see smaller shows often through-out the year. So I consider myself more than your average theatre goer.

With that said, I was overall very impressed and loved the show.

There were some interesting decisions, like no curtains over the wing or the back (later when I got a backstage tour I saw why they did that). There was one time that the set changes plus the obviousness of the pieces in the wings was a little distracting (near the end of the first act there was a set piece still leaving the stage and it was a little too obvious as the acting was staged right in front of it).

The costumes were beautiful and Lucie's dresses looked very authentic and well made.

The lighting was absolutely amazing with fabulous spots and colors that helped set the mood.

Overall the acting was likewise fabulous.

The only one who seemed to be fighting a little fatigue was Gregg Edelman (who played Dr. Alexandre Manette). His voice lost some of its power and the lines became a little automatic and just being delivered to get through it.

Natalie Toro usually plays Madame Therese Defarge but we saw her understudy instead Rebecca Robbins, who was amazing (and with such talent as the understudy wish I had gotten to see Natalie too).

There were two people who totally impressed me:

1) Kevin Earley as Ernest Defarge, I felt every emotion and bit of struggle. Fabulous voice that brought me to tears from the stage.

2) James Barbour as Sydney Carton is just a WOW! I felt all of the characters pain and was amazed at how much I was crying for him and with him. Plus that voice, really just melts me.

Overall, if there is anyway I can make it back to NY to see the show again I will be there! I will also be sure to follow James Barbour and look forward to see him in anything.



Wow, I have been neglecting my personal blog.

Life is just going at 100 miles/hour and I haven't had time to even think about a blog post, let along write one.

Everything is going great, my business is booming (part of why I have no time to come here), MLO is growing like a weed and we just got back from a business trip to NY.

Of course, while I was in NY I had to go see a Broadway show (something I have never done before). We saw A Tale of Two Cities, oh my god!!! I am going to do a whole separate post on that show. It was amazing!

This weekend is MLO's birthday and her promised Disneyland trip because she is fully potty-trained.

I joke that other than December, September is our most expensive month (both my birthday and MLOs is in September).

Well, there are some ramblings to at least prove I am still alive and didn't fall of a cliff or anything. Be back again soon (I hope).



Quick note (OMG, so busy): MLO loves birthdays, really, anyone's birthday.

She has been telling me over and over all week that it was my birthday (my birthday was on the 13th and I turned 30).

She loves to sing happy birthday to me, over and over again.

It is really sweet, of course, she is very excited about the fact that it will be her birthday soon too.


Small Update on Why I Will Never Use Celebrate Express Again

I ranted a little bit ago about how poor the customer service is at Celebrate Express.

Just to make it worse so to speak - I never got the invites I asked for. They just never arrived, let alone arrived shipped overnight.

Yeah - if this wasn't basically a blog about kids I would be using some pretty harsh words right now.


Bubbies in the potty

MLo announced she needed to go potty and ran to the bathroom (she is doing it all on her own now).

We heard her yell "there are bubbies in the potty."

We both got worried as we weren't sure what that meant happened.

I ran to the bathroom and remembered we had the cleaning lady come by and take care of the house (thank goodness).

There were bubbies in the potty and she thought it was the funniest thing.



Grandma had MLO for an evening and when I went to go pick her up I got told about the first real joke that MLO told.

They were sitting on MLO's bed and MLO announced she needed to call mommy. This in itself isn't so unusual, she is regularly finding the closest phone and pretending to call her favorite people.

However this time she walked to the edge of the bed and then yelled as loud as she could: "mommy!"

There was a minute of silence and then she shrugged, turned to my mom and said, "I guess she isn't there."



MLO's baby doll has become a permanent attachment for her.

MLO loves to repeat everything I have said about her to the baby. I have heard the baby doll be told:

"You are getting so heavy"

"You are a little monkey"

"Want to go on my shoulders"

The cutest however was when I heard MLO singing the lullaby I usually sing to her for her to go to sleep, to her baby doll.

MLO (and I am sure most three-year-old girls) has the cutest singing voice, and she has a natural ability to sing with the correct pitch and everything.

MLO is also preparing for her little sister as she has told me many times that I am pregnant (I am not yet) and she wants a baby around.