MLO has decided that a bath is no longer a good thing. She doesn't like her hair getting washed and hates the water getting anywhere near her face.

I have recently only been able to get her in the bathtub if I am taking a shower at the same time (and daddy is on hand for watching her). I think, she thinks, that if mommy is in the shower, her hair won't get washed.

Unfortunately she has discovered this not to be the case and her hair still gets done. She screams through the entire process.

I am sort of at the point where she is just going to have to get through this as I have tried washing her hair twenty different ways and none of them have made any difference.

Any suggestions welcome, or similar experiences.


kailani said...

Did you try those visor-looking things that prevent the water from going onto the face? I'm sure it's just a phase. Good luck!

Someone Being Me said...

Maybe some fun stuff for the bath like goggles or bath toys might make it more of an adventure and less of a torture? Or even some fun bubbles or those bath bombs. I've heard of people coloring the water with food coloring or coloring shaving cream with food coloring so kids can "paint" themselves.