For Charity

So this is for charity and I think a great idea. We have until Saturday and well, here:

Kelly at Pass the Torch has a corporate sponsor who has agreed to donate $1 (up to $500) to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital for every comment she receives on this post. So go, leave a comment!

When I wrote this she had 355 comments and we should definitely increase that (tell her I sent you if you go).


Crazy wind

We are having a crazy wind storm here. It is strong enough to pick you up and carry you down the road if you aren't careful.

I of course, left some stuff on the back porch to be put in our garage (have to walk across the backyard to get to the garage and I just didn't have time, but wanted it out of the house).

Now I had to spend more time chasing after all the items as they blow around my yard. My hair in my face and it also rained last night so everything is wet.

That will teach me: when you are going to do something, just do it all the way. You never know when life will come along and make a mess of it for you.


I am still alive

My house is covered in toys though. The Godparents got MLO (my little one) more toys than mommy and daddy did!

I am now looking into a very large toy box so I can throw everything in there when I want to have people over. I am also going to go through all her toys and make a good size donation to charity. There are so many toys that she doesn't play with often, or won't miss if she doesn't see them.

Finally, my husband and I are going to try and get some time to ourselves too. Felt like we were being the driver and pack-mule all weekend. It was all about MLO and when she arrived everyone wanted to hold her, play with her, and shower her with presents.

MLO is of course loving it and running from one new toy to the next.

She got two large stuffed animals (from different people). Both of which are twice the size she is.

It is really funny to see her try to drag one of them around. She usually gets frustrated and someone has to help her. I was chasing her around the house with one of them yesterday and boy did the laughter ring through the house.

About two thirds of the presents make some obnoxious noise.

We have Curious George who you can tickle (you push a little sensor) and he laughs and wiggles. Driving home from the party she got that from was way to funny. Every bump on the road made the thing laugh. As I watched my husband's face get redder and redder I started busting a gut.

So both Curious George and I were laughing all the way home. I would have liked to have seen that from the outside :)

Well, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Enjoy the New Year celebrations and make 2007 the best year yet!!!


Presents and Family (many of both)

Okay, all the presents are wrapped.

Grandpa's, grandmas', great grandma's, siblings', cousins' and all those ridicules friends.

I realize (all over again) that hubby has a small family - no siblings, dad no longer around, and his parents only had one sibling between them whom we never see. Compared to my larger one - I have three siblings, both parents still around, my mom's mom still around and my parents have 5 siblings between the two of them and all siblings are married with at least one kid. He likes being with my large family, thinks it is kinda cool (though some of them grate your nerves after a few hours with them).

On top of that, his are Jewish and so we do the whole Hanukkah thing with them and then Christmas with my family.

So this time of year is fun aroud my place :)

Then of course, the presents for MLO (my little one). I started looking at the final presents for MLO and tried to see them through her eyes.

You know what I saw - boxes!!!

As said earlier, MLO currently likes to stand on the presents. Also, if her birthday is any indication, she is going to have much more fun with the packaging than the actual toy. The only reason she ever moves to the toy as her source of entertainment is because we, the parents, will force her too.

We will eventually throw away the boxes and packing material and all she will have left are the toys. So she has to play with them.

I think to myself, why didn't I just get her a bunch of boxes and packing material for Xmas. Would have been cheaper.

Anyway - happy holidays!!


Standing on presents

MLO (my little one) likes to stand on the boxes of gifts under the tree. Not sure exactly where this came from, but she pulls a box out from under the tree and stands on it.

She looks at me in a funny way whenever she manages to get one of the boxes that isn't strong enough to hold her. While trying to get her weight on the box she looks at me like "why is it moving lower?"

I can't help but laugh and then ask her how she got that box out from behind all the other presents.

You see, I noticed this a few days ago and tried re-ordered the presents so that all the ones that could hold her wait, were in front.

Well, she is smarter than that, and knows when I am trying to hide something from her.

So she shuffled through all the boxes (and stood on each one) and got to those ones I hide. Promptly trying to convince the box it was supposed to hold her weight.

So, all presents that can't hold the 25 pounds of MLO are now no longer under the tree. They are on shelves or things like that.

Oh well, ain't it grand :)


Google logos

Okay, this may show that I am a little bit of a nerd, but I thought these were fun and thought I would share.

Many people use Google (like many) and here is a link to a history of some of the funny logos they have put on their homepage to commemorate holidays:

Have fun :)

P.S. Plus it gets that sadder post off the top of my blog :)


Sad weekend

It has been a few days since I said anything.

I had a shocker thrown at my Saturday morning. I got an email from a friend that I have known since we were both about 2 years old.

Her husband died in a car crash on Tuesday, he was 27-years-old.

After I got the news, I just hugged my husband and didn't let go. I told him what was happening and he just hugged me back. I also held MLO for awhile.

We went to the memorial service Sunday and I haven't cried so much in a long time.

I am still in shock and guess moving even slower (as if the holidays weren't already slowing me down).

Will try to think of something happier to post about...


Mom's for Modesty

I just recently saw this and want to share. With my little one growing up in today's fashion trends, it would be nice to see a little sense put in before she gets there.

Check it out:

Tantrums are here

My little one (MLO) has gotten the idea if she cries load enough she will get whatever it is that we aren't giving her.

Yesterday she wanted to play with the scissors I was using to open a package. When I put them away, boy did I hear it.

My husband and I are trying the method of just not giving in. Letting her cry it out. We explain to her first why we aren't giving it to her, and if she insists on continuing to cry, we just ignore it.

Sometimes we distract her with something else but I want to teach her quickly that this isn't how to get things.

It is really painful, I love MLO's smiles and laugh and hate her tears (which she knows full well).

I guess I just have to stand fast and make the point - just wish we didn't have to even go this route :(


Xmas parties

That last post was way to depressing, so I thought I would talk about something happier.

This was my busiest Xmas weekend so far. I went to three Christmas parties (all with the little one coming along) and two dinners out with friends. Ate a lot of food and got a log of hugs.

Of course, my little one (MLO) stole the show every time. People loved her and playing with her and talking to her. I must say, she has really come out of her shell. She will go up to just about anyone if they have something interesting on.

At one of the parties there was another little girl (a few years older than mine) who had a very sparkly blue headband. MLO walked right up to her and touched the headband (the girl had sat on the floor) and made a cute oh sound. The other little girl was surprised but then smiled and my goodness what good friends they became.

Then at one of the dinners with friends, their youngest daughter (about 13) who up until now has showed very little interest in MLO suddenly started playing with her. I didn't have to worry about MLO at all the rest of the night as they were always together. MLO got to play with a guitar and have a great time.

It is nice to see her growing and playing with others. Though I admit a small part of me misses her constant need for my attention (well, sometimes).

Ritalin use

Okay, so, with a small child who will one day go to schoool, I am starting to have concerns about prescription drugs and how easily people turn to them.

I am of the mind that there are other things happening with someone that can be addressed, before you go to drugs. Nutrition, tutoring, exercise even getting enough love.

I recently came across some books which I agreed with (for the most part - can't say I would swear by every line) and think other people should read, if the need should arise.

They are:
* The Ritalin Fact Book, what your doctor won’t tell you about ADHD and stimulant drugs by Peter Breggin, MD
* No More ADHD by Dr. Mary Ann Block
* THE ADHD FRAUD, How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children by Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman
* The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs compiled by Citizens Commission on Human Rights



My nanny called in sick today. Means I spent most of the time with my little one which was actually very fun.

I work from home, so was able to work while she napped. Otherwise we just had a great time, I love listening to her laugh.

While she is still working on the talking thing (we got da, ma, up, down, no, yes, ki for kitty) she communicates very well. She may be saying baby talk, but I get it and get it crystal clear.

We were watching cartoons on TV and I didn't notice when they had stopped, but she did. She let me know and made sure that I found something for her to watch (I put on our Lady and the Tramp DVD). Though she doesn't watch it that much, she likes having it on the background so when she needs her five minute break (from playing) there is something to look at.

Her favorite cartoons/shows seem to be "It's a big, big world", the "Backyardigans" and (God help me) "Barney". I remember making fun of Barney and can't believe that I know sit and watch it with her - and sing along even.

Oh well, one of those things that change when you have your own kid. You definitely see the world through a whole new set of eyes.


The Philippines

As I said in an earlier blog I don't like bad news. I generally don't read much news nor keep posted on what is happening in the world, especially the bad stuff. At least, as much as I can avoid it (I do have work related things I have to keep up on).

So I just today heard about what happened in the Philippines with the whole Typhoon Durian which struck the Philippines last weekend leaving an estimated 1000 dead or missing and another 40,000 people displaced from their homes.

With everything that keeps happening in that part of the world I feel like I should do something to help. So I looked around for places that were helping out and if anyone else is interested here are places that are helping (I will update this when I find more):




Okay, so I admit to watching Grey's Anatomy, Desparate Housewives, Heroes, Lost, Bones, and CSI. No one gives me much hardship on the fact that I watch these.

The one that I do watch and get a lot of teasing about is Charmed.

I spend an hour with my daughter in the middle of the afternoon so my nanny can get lunch (plus I like the quality time).

During that hour I discovered that Charmed was on. I liked the idea and started watching it.

I am now totally hooked. I can't not watch it.

What is even scarier, I liked it better with Shannon Doherty on it (even though she is apparently a total bi*ch).

The new girl is okay, but Shannon's character was great.

Oh, well. Not everyone is perfect, right?