Hope you had a good easter.

I almost blew the whole thing (having forgotten it was so soon) but think I managed to recover.

Boiled the eggs on Saturday and instead of coloring them, all MLO wanted to do was eat them (she ate three in less than an hour).

Then I ran to "Whole Paycheck" (I mean WholeFoods) and bought a bunch of yogurt covered treats, some bread shaped like a bunny and threw together a basket and made a show of finding it with her.

She loved the treats in it (we don't do much sugar here, so yogurt covered things are a treat) favorite being the raspberry yogurt covered pretzels.

Definitely need to get back in the habit of watching holidays now that I get to enjoy them with her (Easter is definitely a holiday that went to the wayside once I grew up and it was just me and hubby).

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