Be prepared for the worst

I have talked a lot about my daughter here and plan to expand it as my family expands.

I recently read an excerpt for a book "Wear Clean Underwear" by Alexis Martin Neely (she is a friend I made on Twitter), which made me think about what I want to happen with my kid(s) if anything ever happens to both my husband and I.

While the book covers the legal issues very well (more on that later) it also brought up the issue of how you continue to advise your children if somethings happens to you.

I want my children to know how I feel about issues, what would I say to them on their first date, when they are married, when they have kids, etc., if anything happens to me and I can't be there.

So, I will start including notes for my daughter (and future kids) here. Hopefully, I will be able to read the notes with them when the time comes and we can talk, laugh or whatever after reading them.

The scenario Alexis lays out in the book is very real and had me tearing up a few times. I love how she gives the right way and the wrong and what happens in each, knowing that there is a way to keep your family happy no matter what, puts this mother's heart at ease.

I thought I was covered (having named Godparents and created a will) but my eyes were opened to scenarios I need to think about and plan out.

I will definitely be following the book's advice on how to plan this out. My philosophy has always been (and found to be very true) when you plan for the worst, it never happens.

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