MLO: "Oh s**t"

So last night, MLO was sitting on grandma's bench swing in her backyard. I was sitting next to her and we were trying to swing.

Grandma said that that you have to shift the swing over (because it is on a hill) to make it swing.

My daughter than says: "Oh sh*t".

Grandma says, "no shift" with a great emphasis on the "f".

My daughter shakes her head and says, "oh sh*t."

I ask her "what" and she repeats it.

I then ask her who says that (hoping she doesn't say mommy, because I admit to not being perfect). Grandma says under her breath but loud enough for me to hear "don't say grandma".

MLO promptly says the name of the daycare lady.

Now, I know this lady personally as a friend outside of the daycare and she doesn't swear much. I am not worried about the influence (but will mention it).

However both grandma and me were happy not to have our names said.


magickat said...


I am LOVING this anecdote! It's the sh*t!

Adrienne said...

My two y. o. gbaby told me the other day something smelled like sh*t. I thought it was hilarious. I was proud of her for using it in context. Her mom not so much.

The joys of being a grandma

Michael C said...

At least it wasn't you. Sadly, the twins HAVE indicted me a few times after saying something that we'll just call a 'head turner.'

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!