Getting out of the house

My Christmas present from hubby this year was a day at the spa with a bunch of different treatments (specifically at Burke Williams) and I went to cash it in over the weekend.

The trip was great, loved the treatments he picked out for me (Hunter's Retreat was like the most luxurious shower you have ever taken, times 100).

Getting out of the house was a trick, usually MLO and I hang out pretty much all weekend long, even if other people come over, I don't really go anywhere without her.

So when I tried to leave she came running and screaming for me and wouldn't let go of my neck. Tried to reassure her I would be back and she could play with Sevta (Hebrew for grandma - hope I spelled it right - and what we call hubby's mom to distinguish between the two of them), but she wouldn't let go and just cried, burying her face in my neck.

Finally hubby came over and told her, "mommy is going to go get all beautiful and relaxed, so you got to stay and play with me and Sevta and let mommy go."

MLO smiled and looked at me. I told her I would come back and we would have dinner together.

She nodded her head and went to daddy's arms and then pushed me out the door.

I think it is so great that my 2-year-old understand the need for mommy to get "beautiful" and get some relax time.

She is definitely growing up, she now lets me go take a shower while she eats breakfast even.

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kailani said...

What a great relaxing day you must have had! I'm sure it was a wonderful father-daughter bonding day, too!