...and who else...

To get MLO all jazzed to go to daycare I have in the past named out the friends she would get to play with. I would name a few of them and then say "and who else" and then get her to name some.

It would get her all excited to see her friends and make the trip over to the daycare easier (and the drop off).

MLO has become quite the chatter box and she has reversed it on me:

"Mommy, I saw Charlie, Melissa... and who else...?"

I wouldn't say anything and she would start making a "hmmm"ing noise.

"Oh yeah, and Jason and Kristy... and who else...?"

If I still don't say anything she repeats herself just like I would:

"Mommy, who else?"

I would then come up with some names and we would do this the entire drive home.

Now, it is a small daycare with only about 12 kids and the drive home is 20 minutes. So we repeat a lot of names.

It is just cool to me that she has gotten to the point where she controls the conversation and understands so much about what is said around her, plus she makes me smile.

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magickat said...

She makes me smile, too. She sounds SO smart, Romie.