Wow, I have been neglecting my personal blog.

Life is just going at 100 miles/hour and I haven't had time to even think about a blog post, let along write one.

Everything is going great, my business is booming (part of why I have no time to come here), MLO is growing like a weed and we just got back from a business trip to NY.

Of course, while I was in NY I had to go see a Broadway show (something I have never done before). We saw A Tale of Two Cities, oh my god!!! I am going to do a whole separate post on that show. It was amazing!

This weekend is MLO's birthday and her promised Disneyland trip because she is fully potty-trained.

I joke that other than December, September is our most expensive month (both my birthday and MLOs is in September).

Well, there are some ramblings to at least prove I am still alive and didn't fall of a cliff or anything. Be back again soon (I hope).

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Blessings from Costa Rica