Going to sleep

MLO is currently camping out in her room each night.

She has two stuffed animals that are bigger than her and we lay them on the floor side-by-side.

We throw her large comforter over them and then she curls up on them with her little pink pillow and her tinker bell blanket.

I then sit in the rocking chair and read her a book, after which I turn off the light and rock in the chair while she falls asleep.

Occasionally she wakes up in the middle of the night and I come into the room to help her move to her bed, but more often she sleeps the whole night through on her animal bed.

She also now comes and gets me in my bed when she wakes up. No more of the "mommy" yelling from her bed, she comes gets me, yeah!! Just in time for the change needed for the new baby coming!

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