Explaining to 2-Year-Old: Mommy & Daddy are Leaving for Vacation

This is only the second time I have left MLO overnight without me.

We did it once before, for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I put her to sleep Friday night, and then we drove to Las Vegas for the weekend. I had tried to explain it to her, but she obviously didn't get it as she spent the whole weekend yelling for me (she was 1 year-old and about 9 months).

So this year we wanted to go do it again. Except we wanted a long weekend and two nights out.

My mom actually came up with the best idea, she used MLO's blocks to demonstrate what was happening.

They built our house, they built grandma's house and they built a hotel a little further away.

Then they named blocks: MLO, grandma, mommy and daddy.

She then demonstrated the whole concept and what would happen over the long weekend.

MLO totally understood and while she has asked for us, hasn't made a huge fuss. In fact, she went and got grandma out of mommy's bed in the morning instead of making her come to her room (something I haven't yet gotten her to master).

We had a fabulous weekend, I dropped MLO off at daycare and then we managed to leave in the late afternoon. Lots of walks on the beach, window shopping and the best steak dinner I have ever had (restaurant called White Horses in San Clemente, CA).

We are currently stopped for lunch on our way home, and I will soon get my MLO hugs that I am in major withdrawal from. Iverall I am not as worried about my little girl who is growing up so fast.


Michael C said...

We celebrated our 11th anniversary last month!

My parents had the twins all of this last week. We did miss them, but we enjoyed the time very much. This was reinforced when I tried to watch the Lakers game their first night back. it made me nostalgic for that game I got to watch all by myself and quietly while they were gone on vacation

Glad you got to get away!!

magickat said...

Happy anniversay - it sound like you had a lovely time.