So it appears to now be the tradition to have Thanksgiving at my house.

This means a lot of cleaning and preparing which seems like a lot of work. However once dinner starts and we all sit around the table and laugh and eat, it does seem worth it.

I meant to do a what am I thankful for post, but in all the big event preparations I didn't get to it.

So, a little late (better late than never) I am thankful for:

My strong and supportive family. They are always there if I need them, they love me no matter what and while we may not always agree, it never reduces our love.

Most especially my husband who is most happy when I am happy and loves making it possible for me to do whatever I want.

And of course, my fabulous daughter whose love and kisses warm my heart. I am so grateful that I have gotten to see her grow into such a smart and intelligent girl and look forward to seeing her continue to expand.

I am thankful that everyone I love is in good health, with any physical problems, currently under control and them feeling good.

I am thankful that both my husband and I continue to be successful so we can provide the best life possible for our daughter.

I am so thankful I have a large group of friends who love to come to my silly parties and invite me to their parties, or even just call on the phone and chat about ridiculous things.

I am grateful for getting to live in the United States which while it might not be perfect, the freedoms we have are something not everyone gets to enjoy.

Thank you!


Quantum of Solace Review

Hubby and I got some time for us and we went and saw Quantum of Solace.

I knew it was being credited as the first real sequel to a James Bond movie, but (to get straight to the part I liked the least) it expected you to remember a lot of details from the previous movie. I could have used a little more reminders on who and what and why.

To just get this over with, the other part I didn't like (and don't like in other movies I have seen) are the rapid, really fast cuts during an action sequence. On my TV it would probably be okay, but on a huge cinema it is too hard to watch. I can't see what is happening and my husband had to ask me how something happened because he missed it.

I don't mind assuming things for movies and adding in what happened in between scenes, I usually follow just find and don't find that hard.

Now, with all that said, Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever (with Sean Connery a very close second). He is totally hot, is a wonderful actor and does the franchise good.

I like that we are really getting to understand James Bond, instead of just the mystery of why he is like he is.

Overall an enjoyable movie - but I hope they just fix my two little points above on the next one.


Bolt Review

Sunday afternoon we went and saw Bolt with MLO. It was her first movie on the big screen and grandma came too as she wanted to see MLO's responses to a big movie.

We warned her about the lights going down and that there were other people around us who wanted to see the movie too.

She talked through the previews and kept asking me what the green screen was (the one that says "preview" in-between the actual previews).

Once the movie started she was pretty entranced, she loved all the animals, cheering for them. Being only three-years-old she didn't get the nuances of the story (that Bolt wasn't really a super-dog). She did yell for Bolt to find Penny and understood that they loved each other.

About 45 minutes into the movie she did want to get up and movie around (considering we usually watch movies at home). But she was enjoying the movie so much she was willing to just stand and swing on the chair in front of her (luckily an empty seat).

I really liked the movie and all the adults were laughing as well, though I admit to being a little distracted with my virgin movie goer.

We are now counting the days until MLO asks for a dog.



Daddy has been working long hours, late at night (and then sleeping in). He is a computer network consultant and he has to work a lot when no one else is at work.

This morning he was on the couch when we came out of her room. When she saw him she yelled "daddy" and ran to sit by him on the couch.

I then couldn't get her to leave him to get ready for daycare or anything.

Hopefully this reminds him that he needs to manage his schedule better so he can be "daddy" more often.



My daughter has learned the words to the following songs:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle
  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • and more kiddy ones...

One of my two favorites however are:
  • You are My Sunshine

The best one hands down is:
  • Yellow Submarine

She knows more of the words than I do and it is absolutely hilarious to listen to her sing it, and sing it well!!


He is a he and She is a she

MLO is enjoying saying who is a she and who is he. It is pretty funny but it is VERY funny when she gets it wrong and insists that she is right.

So far we know:
I am a she
Daddy is a he
MLO is a she
Aunt is a she
Uncle is a he
Grandma is a she
Sevta is a she

However grandpa is sometimes a she and sometimes a he. She can't seem to decide which one he is. He loves it and thinks it is really funny and Grandpa takes it all in good stride.

See MLO can't do anything wrong in grandma's eyes it goes very well. Plus she always gets a laugh which she loves to create.


Trick or Treat

It went very well. MLO had a great time and loved running around outside with a bunch of other kids.

Her favorite part was saying the words "trick or treat", of course this was at all times, and never at the right time.

We would be walking in between houses and say "trick or treat" to the air.

She would see a squirrel and ask it "trick or treat?"

Then she would turn around and look at me and smile and say "trick or treat".

Of course, I was carrying her bag and she wanted to carry her flashlight more than the bag. She would forget about it and run up to the door and smile her cute smile while I was still catching up with her bag in my hand.

We went with a bunch of her daycare friends to a place that was packed with kids. The houses really got into it, with their front lawns covered in "scary" stuff.

MLO lasted about five blocks (all around) and when we got home, she happily traded me all the candy she had for a huge stack of stickers I had just for the occasion.