Going back to Day Care after the weekends

Most weekends I spend all my time with MLO. Sometimes hubby and I go out Friday night but the rest of the weekend we do family stuff (or if hubby has to work - girl stuff).

This involves lots of hugs, cuddles and running around. We go shopping, to our local farmer's market, sometimes museums and parks and whatever strikes our (well mostly my) fancy.

This weekend was a quiet one. MLO and I played in our backyard (since it is really sunny here now - sorry for anywhere it isn't) for hours both days. We were there until the sun went down and MLO still didn't want to come inside.

At one point, when we were ready to chill for a few, I sat down in one of the big comfy chairs and read some of my book. MLO alternated between snuggling on my lap and laying down on "her" bench (one of those storage benches were all the toys go). Hubby was with us and he actually fell asleep in the chair next to me.

After a fair amount of resting MLO decided it was time to get up and run around again, which we did.

Well after such a fun weekend with mommy and daddy Monday comes along.

This is now the hardest day of the week, not because of work, but because MLO wants to keep hanging out with us. She doesn't want to go to daycare and play with her friends, she wants to play with mommy and daddy.

So every Monday I envy all you stay-at-home moms who work so hard and "get" (though I know this isn't always a wonderful "get") to be with your kids. I wish I had your courage to brave the storm of taking on all those responsibilities but get the side benefit of not having to tear your little one out of your arm every single Monday.


Michael C said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Or commenting ;-)

I have twin 'just passed being' little ones and I hate leaving them each and every day, especially since they start Kindergarten after I leave for work.

kailani said...

I hope it gets easier as time goes by. MLO will make so much friends at day care!

dawn224 said...

... on the flip side ... I'm going to be the mom who Alex is prying out of his arms ...